Alison Bell


Alison Bell

“The time we spent on administrative and non-billable tasks was excessive prior to iinsight®. We were paper based and we ‘doubled-up’ on many of our processes to ensure there were no errors.

iinsight® has allowed us to spend more time working on billable tasks, increase our client case load and minimise time spent on administrative tasks.

There are quite a few things I love about iinsight®. Some of these are:

* Invoicing is quick and easy.

* Documentation is easy to find.

* The ability to send an email with the documentation already attached saves us a lot of time. The fact that it is converted into a pdf when it is sent via email is a huge time saver.

* Reports to review employees’ time and how it has been spent has provided us with invaluable information and has allowed us to provide strategies to employees to increase their productivity.

* The time in the client’s plan is automatically deducted when we enter billable time with a client so it is clear how much time we have left (We used to do this on paper which was time-consuming).

* We are able to spend more time on client-related issues rather than administrative tasks.

* Client reports- information is pre-populated so the time we spend on report writing is reduced and this saving is passed on to our customers.

* Go-to meetings are invaluable! I have learnt a lot from the go-to meetings with Ian.

I would want other organisations to be aware of the quick response time when issues arise and the great support we have received from iinsight®.

Renato came out to meet us at the office when we were considering iinsight® and he was more than happy to sit with us and answer all of our questions.

One thing that really stood out to me was when we initially started using iinsight® was the support we received. I emailed Ian weekly (sometimes daily) and I always received a response the same day. Ian would always call to discuss the problem and follow up with an email so I had the information readily available if I required assistance in the future. There were a few times I had asked Ian if a part of iinsight® could be customised to meet our needs. Whenever possible, Ian would speak with his team to discuss and get back to me with a solution to our problem.

The support we have received has been the crucial key to our success with iinsight®.”

Alison Bell Business Operations Manager November 16, 2019