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Our Occupational Therapy Software Can Help Make Time for What Matters

We at iinsight recognize how difficult it is for allied health professionals to accomplish real, meaningful work from under a suffocating pile of paperwork. How can a speech language therapist fit in enough sessions for their clients a week if there’s accounting to be done? How can a physio therapist schedule new clients who need rehabilitation when all the reporting and billing already takes so long? How can an occupational therapist help someone slowly regain muscle function when they can barely squeeze in time for compliance checks? Medical professionals in practices everywhere barely have time to practice the very fields they studied because of paperwork which we aim to reduce with our suite of occupational therapy software.
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The old way of handling administrative work was fine when the world was smaller and allied health wasn’t the fleshed-out field it is today. But it doesn’t make sense to manually enter data multiple times anymore. It simply does not make sense to write out schedules in pen and paper anymore. It doesn’t make sense to keep all your records on the clinic’s computer, which has been acting up lately. With patient case management software in the US like iinsight, you can streamline most tasks and automate the rest. Our iinsight’s occupational therapy software is cloud-based, centralized, and constantly monitored and maintained for uptime and reliability. It’s secure, convenient, scalable, easily adopted, and compatible with other major software in the industry as well as our own disability case management software.

In short, with iinsight as your occupational therapy practice software, you’ll be achieving the ideal balance of paperwork to practical patient work, where the former is only a fraction of the latter. After all, no occupational therapist takes their job expecting to spend most of their time writing about their work rather than doing it.

Occupational Therapy Billing Software That Works with Your Present Setup

We’ve designed iinsight to be an improvement without being intrusive or disruptive. If your current system has its benefits, those can be kept while the rest is updated and bettered. If yours is one of the many practices using Xero, don’t worry; iinsight’s occupational therapy billing software can integrate with Xero without problems, allowing for easy data entry and transfer while reporting and accounting.

It also makes billing incredibly easy. You can automate your billing process, including some of the invoices, and the system is designed to process claims and payments faster than any other occupational therapy practice management software available. So, you can request payment faster and easier as well as receive it sooner. This is just another way in which iinsight helps clinics make time.

Organize Your Workflow With Our Occupational Therapy Practice Management Software

Occupational therapy practice management is complex at best and a twisted nightmare at worst. That’s why most practices don’t even think about uprooting their whole current system and trying to learn a new one. Not only would that be a large time investment from your team, but it would also slow down your practice for weeks.

However, that’s not the case with a switch to iinsight’s clinic appointment scheduling software. We offer personalized onboarding and training to help employees take to iinsight quickly, comfortably, and without delay upon implementation.

See the Difference When You Try Our Occupational Therapy Practice Management Software

You can request a demo of our occupational therapy software to get started and really see what iinsight can do for you. If you’d like to know more before committing, you can also access a free 14-day trial of our patient case management software in the US by clicking above.
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iinsight cloud-based occupational therapy practice management software for supports and assessments.

Simplify Your Occupational Therapy Practice

Spend more time improving patient care. Reduce the strain of administrative tasks. Maintain compliance in a secure cloud environment. Do it all with iinsight!

Occupational therapists help people recover from disabilities or cope with long-term conditions. They help patients gain skills and capacities to live more independently. 

Efficient personalized assessments are vital for meeting this goal.

Unfortunately, administrative tasks and documentation can hold back your practice. They prevent therapists from doing their job. Therapists need a better solution. Patients deserve a better solution.

With iinsight cloud-based software, therapists get deeper insight from every assessment.

Streamline patient records with iinsight. Automate occupational therapy assessments. Run a more efficient practice.
Start optimizing your practice now with iinsight! Start your 14-day free trial to see how iinsight can benefit your practice!

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Seamless Occupational Therapy Assessments and Supports

Slash time spent on manual data entry. Reduce the risk of errors. Make assessment data work harder. Use iinsight to streamline your assessment process!

Enjoy fewer administrative tasks and compliance checks. Therapists can focus more on what matters: improving patient outcomes.

We give therapists their time back. They have more energy to analyze assessment data and learn about patients. Our software helps therapists access the information they need to provide better patient care.

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Provide Personalized Care with Automated Insights

Empower therapists. Improve therapeutic care. Our intuitive and user-friendly system helps therapists focus on what they do best.

Thanks to automation, therapists can track subtle patient changes. iinsight equips therapists to build better patient relationships and improve outcomes.

Automate records and data to improve patient outcomes. With better insights, therapists can create more personalized treatment plans. Every patient. Every session.

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Compliant Access to Client Records

Secure access to patient assessments, invoices, schedules, and more! Keep your practice compliant with ever-changing industry regulations. We built iinsight for allied health practices like yours.

Access records from any device with multi-factor authentication. Therapists get the information they need. Safeguards keep data out of the wrong hands.

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Secure Billing and Claims Management

Get paid faster. Enjoy speedy and accurate claims processing. Our software is built for efficient medical billing management.
Use iinsight to streamline budgets and cashflow. Process claims. Send bulk invoices. Manage your budget. Do it all from the same secure platform!

Ensure a smooth practice. Our intuitive management software automates your workflows across departments. 


Optimize Your Practice with Deeper Insights

Make better decisions with practice-wide insights. See the bigger picture across departments with valuable KPIs. 

We make automation and data work for you. Uncover key performance indicators. Find areas for improvement. Avert risk. Improve long-term planning. iinsight is your copilot.

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Manage Your Entire Occupational Therapy Practice from One Software Platform

Keep things simple and secure. The iinsight platform offers an all-in-one solution.

Manage staff timesheets. Track contractor costs. Schedule patient appointments. Run an efficient practice with iinsight!

Our software streamlines practice-wide reporting. You can spend more time improving the patient experience.

Why Choose iinsight for Your Occupational Therapy Practice Management Software?

Built for Allied Health Professionals

Designed to empower therapists and streamline occupational therapy assessments. We built our platform specifically for allied health service providers! The iinsight platform is your all-in-one management solution.

Scale as Your Practice Grows

Plan long-term with iinsight! Flexible and user-friendly. Robust where you need it to be. Seamlessly scale as your practice’s needs change. iinsight is by your side.

Works on Any Device

Reap the benefits of cloud-based software. Access your data from any web-enabled device. Therapists can find assessment data quickly. Billing can process claims from anywhere.

Designed for Ongoing Compliance

Reduce your risk of data breaches. Use iinsight as your all-in-one management solution. Store, access, and manage your practice’s sensitive documents from a single secure location.

We designed iinsight for meeting allied health compliance measures. That’s why over 25k practices across seven countries trust iinsight.

Easy Integration with Other Software

Help your therapists work smarter, not harder. Our platform integrates with your existing infrastructure seamlessly.
Automate your inter-department workflows. Integrate your iinsight with Xero, LanternPay, and WorkCover. Go farther with iinsight!

Reliable Customer Support 

Provide unified support and a seamless patient experience! Our cloud-based case management software helps your practice transition while improving patient support.

Legacy Migration and User Training

Switching to cloud-based management is painless with iinsight! As an iinsight customer, your monthly plan includes user training for your practice. We prepare your therapists to use the platform’s full potential.

Running an outdated system? Take advantage of our legacy migration assistance. We can help you adapt! Enjoy online management systems and more efficient cloud-based solutions without hiccups. 

Available in Seven Countries

Join over 25,000 practices in seven countries! Practices in Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, Singapore, and the United States can take advantage of iinsight’s cloud-based management platform.

We work hard to ensure the iinsight platform exceeds industry compliance regulations. Meanwhile, your therapists get a streamlined experience.