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Our Disability Case Management Software Canada

Disability services provide crucial support for people with disabilities, enabling them to live happy, fulfilling lives with the support they need to do so. This is vital work which requires careful data storage and attention to detail, not to mention time and effort to put into the people-facing aspect of the job. If you run this kind of facility or an organisation that works in any capacity to offer disability services, a disability case management software in Canada makes all of this much easier. iinsight is an Australian software preferred by disability services providers over Australia for many years because of its easy-to-use nature, many different functions and adherence to data protection legislation. If you’re looking for a disability case management software in Canada, use iinsight to streamline your organisation’s processes, increase accuracy and save time and money on administrative tasks.

Disability Case Management in Canada with iinsight

iinsight is a multi-functional software, allowing for all aspects of case management software in Canada to be performed using a single software instead of multiple ones for different purposes. With iinsight, you can do all of the following:

All disability service providers can benefit from these tools. You deal with a lot of people and cases, which results in countless reports, documents and other files on each client. Appointments need to be made with people you support, prospective clients and other interested parties. Employees need timesheets and you need to send out invoices for services provided. Do all of this and more on iinsight, which makes it the ideal disability management software for all organisations. 

Why Choose iinsight for Disability Services Management Software in Canada?

Aside from all the useful functions you get access to in one software, there are plenty of reasons that iinsight is the best disability services management software and all other healthcare settings. Here are just a few of them.

  • iinsight is cloud-based, which means it can be accessed from any device and anywhere, including all the data you store on the software
  • We’ve designed iinsight to be as intuitive and user-friendly physio practice management software in Canada as possible, making it easy to learn and use for people no matter their IT skills
  • As a software designed for healthcare settings, iinsight is more than compliant with all relevant privacy protection laws and regulations, including GDRP, HIPAA, PIPEDA, ISO9001 and ISO27001
  • All data is stored securely and encrypted under 24/7 monitoring
  • Our helpful team is always on hand with telephone support if you encounter any issues
  • We offer personalised onboarding and user training for organisations so you don’t have to figure out the software yourself, and instead can hit the ground running
  • iinsight works for organisations of all sizes and is adaptable and customisable enough to grow with your company

Get a 14-Day Free Trial of our Disability Management Software in Canada

If iinsight sounds like the disability services management software for your organisation, there are several ways you can proceed. Those ready to commit can sign up for a subscription or get in touch with our team to purchase a license. If you prefer to learn more before you commit, you can book a demo through our website or sign up for a free trial to try the software out for yourself.