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Invoicing is an essential but time-consuming—and often stressful—part of running a practice. This task of managing outstanding accounts is made even more complicated by security and compliance issues. There’s also the matter of coordinating with several parties and making sure that you have the right information on your invoices to ensure accurate and faster payments. The good news is that you can make these tasks easier with the right bulk email invoicing software.

A good bulk email invoicing solution will enable you to customise receipts and invoices, securely process payments, and simplify outstanding account management. With integrated invoicing, all invoices are automatically provided with the details on the service you provide, the price, timing, and other important information. This way, you get a convenient way to streamline your clinic operations.

Get customised invoices

Bulk email invoicing software will enable you to assign invoices to their respective payers or to a third party (i.e., insurance provider, employer, parent, or guardian). It keeps everything in one centralised location by listing multiple or single services or products you provided on a single invoice. This can be handy when you have to bill for a treatment session and a product simultaneously.

It will be easier to customise invoices while saving time as it is possible to automatically provide insurance details, clinician or referral information, and payment options. To ensure up-to-date records, the software takes note bulk payments from a third party or client and applies them on outstanding invoices. Likewise, it can record payments that have been done in full or partially.

With the right bulk email invoicing platform, you can make your brand constantly present on your invoices, too. Add your clinic’s name and logo and other important indicators that represent your practice. You could also include custom text on every invoice, too, in case you want to add a personalised note for the payor.

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Get paid easily

Bulk email invoicing software makes payment collection a breeze. It ensures secure payment collection when a patient or client prefers to pay online when they book an appointment, or wait until they visit your office. Invoices are streamlined when they are combined into a single statement, which can be sent directly to a third-party payer or the client. Alternatively, you can invoice an organisation or a group for multiple clients by combining all appointments into one statement and pointing out client names.

No need to get a separate platform

Traditional bulk email invoicing software is usually separate from your case management platform. That means taking some extra steps to make sure that it is compatible with your current system. iinsight® seeks to eliminate the hassle by providing an all-in-one case management software with bulk email invoicing, which you can perform directly from it.

Our Bulk Email Invoice module lets you set scheduled send data/time for every invoice on any given batch run using the Batch Invoice Wizard or through the Finance Module. That way, it is easier to send to ‘Bill to Contact’, which is listed against every client file for each invoice.

Using your IMAP Email Account setup in the system’s back end, you can create and send emails through our case management software. At the same time, the software will make a record of every email sent, along with copies, which will be saved in an ‘iinsight® Sent Invoice’ folder in your IMAP email account. This way, it is easier to track emails sent from or to the platform.

Better for your practice

When you iinsight®, you can forget about keeping case management and bulk email invoicing separate. It lets you do your job with ease, so you spend less time administering and you can focus more on your practice. With an improved invoicing process, you can avoid compliance issues and you may have more referrals down the line from your insurers.

You can try iinsight® free for 14 days to discover how it is better than getting a separate bulk email invoicing software. Our cloud-based case management platform comes with other essential features that will make your practice run smoothly, no matter what web-connected device you use to access it anytime and anywhere.

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