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iinsight® is a platform that can be tailored to suit your practice’s unique needs. Our case management software features an HR Module that your HR staff can access. Designated users can access a bevy of HR-related information, all in one location.

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What’s Included in the HR Module?

Our HR module is very versatile. Users can customize it to fit their practice’s needs. It’s available for your HR staff to use, so long as they have the specific user permissions required.

Under the “HR tab,” users can access the following sub-tabs:

Additionally, users can upload various documents into the “Documents” tab. Some of these documents could include qualifications, certificates, and any other employee-related documentation. There are also “additional info,” “vaccinations,” and “health and safety” tabs.


The HR Module in iinsight offers a simple and efficient way for managers to grant access to the HR module for specific employee roles. Managers can easily indicate whether an employee role should have access to the HR module by simply clicking a box. This feature allows for streamlined access management, ensuring that only the relevant staff members can view and manage HR-related information. By assigning the appropriate roles, managers can control and restrict access to sensitive HR data, maintaining confidentiality and security within the system.


The HR Module in iinsight provides a comprehensive solution for managing employee clearances. When a clearance is added against an employee, the system offers a checkbox to indicate whether the clearance needs verification. Additionally, an expiry date can be specified for the clearance.

To ensure timely action, the system generates alerts and prompts when the expiry date approaches. These alerts are automatically sent to both the staff member and the HR department, notifying them that the clearance needs to be completed or renewed. This feature helps to prevent any lapses in clearances and ensures that the necessary actions are taken in a timely manner, maintaining compliance, and mitigating any potential risks.


The HR Module in iinsight empowers HR employees to efficiently add, track, and manage a wide range of competencies for each employee. This feature enables HR staff to record and monitor various competencies that are essential to the employee's job role and professional development.

Examples of competencies that can be recorded include:

By capturing and managing these competencies within the HR Module, HR staff can effectively ensure that employees possess the required skills and qualifications for their respective roles. This feature also facilitates continuous competency assessment and development, enabling HR to identify areas for improvement, provide targeted training opportunities, and support the ongoing growth and effectiveness of the workforce

By incorporating these points, you can highlight the benefits of the HR Module, including its ability to manage and track document expirations, training due dates, task management, customisable notifications, reporting and analytics, compliance, and increased efficiency in HR processes.

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