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6 Effective Employee Retention Strategies For Allied Health Businesses

Employee turnover can be quite costly for your allied health practice. As such, having strong employee retention strategies is imperative. While you could certainly go through the process of recruiting, you should remember that it can be expensive and time-consuming. You’ll have to find candidates, sift through many resumes, interview people, and finally onboard them.  […]

5 Ways Physical Therapists Can Improve Their Patient Management System

Patient management systems are great for keeping track of staff, patients, invoicing, and more. How can you improve yours? Learn more here. The best patient management systems are those that you never notice working. They disappear and allow you, the physical therapist, to connect on a deeper and more meaningful level with your clients. Still, despite […]

How To Use Digital Marketing To Grow Your Allied Health Practice

Digital marketing is a vital tool in helping to grow your allied health practice. If done correctly, you will be able to increase the number of people who come across your practice’s website, use this traffic to generate patient leads, and ultimately convert these leads into new patients! Acquiring New Patients Using Digital Marketing in […]

Which Software Do Physiotherapists Prefer For Practice Management

If you are a physiotherapist with your own practice, you may be looking for ways to improve the way you work and deliver your services to your clients. It makes sense to look into well-known and reliable practice management software for physiotherapists. It’s important to be extra discerning when selecting the right software for practice […]

5 Ways To Shift The Focus To Patient-Centered Care In Your Allied Health Practice

Patient-centred care places emphasis on the needs of each patient. Ensuring that you run a client-centred practice involves making sure that people have a voice in their care and treatment. They need to be a part of the decision-making.  You as an allied healthcare professional must remain cognizant of their preferences and their well-being. Patient-centred […]

Where Do We Get Fully Licensed Care Software in Australia?

Are you currently using care management software that is becoming more expensive as it grows with your practice? That is one of the pitfalls of conventional software, besides the fact that it comes with limits in functionality and availability. You would have to buy multiple licenses and pay for costly upgrades down the line if […]

What Makes Good Physio Software Different from Others?

Physical therapists are some of the most hardworking medical professionals in the field. Each day, they deal with patients who need extra care and understanding, often experiencing physical stress themselves. It doesn’t help that they have to manage their time, process paperwork, and do accounting on top of their regular jobs; this can only lead […]

What are the Specifications of OHS Software?

Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) is essential in any workplace, including hospitals, clinics, and allied health service facilities. However, it can be challenging to oversee in a bustling environment. Staff might find themselves overwhelmed with administrative duties that they may not be able to abide by the best practices to ensure safety and avoid accidents. […]

What Are the Benefits of Using Psychology Practice Software?

Having your own psychology can be rewarding, as it gives you the chance to offer highly personalised care to people who may need your help in dealing with their mental health issues. No matter how big your current practice is, you might be wondering if there is anything more you can do to maintain the […]

What are the Advantages of NDIS Software?

The National Disability Insurance Scheme has been helpful in providing persons with disabilities the support they need to fulfil their dreams, attain their career goals, and other things they may aspire to achieve. It is also responsible for delivering funding and information to individuals who need to maximise their economic and social participation. If you […]

Several Plans for NDIS Software Management

One of the responsibilities of NDIS service providers is plan management. It occurs when they are able to support participants in managing the funding in their NDIS plan. If you are responsible for that, you are likely a plan manager, and you know how different plan management is from having NDIA manage the funding in […]

Searching for an Affordable Software for Psychology Practice Management

Part of ensuring your efficiency as a psychologist is using the right practice management software. From appointment scheduling to personalising clinical notes and streamlining payments, it should empower you to work efficiently and more effectively, while delivering the best service to your clients. However, most case management solutions are one-size-fits-all and might not even suit […]

Intersect Of Social Media and SEO: What Does It Mean For Allied Health Marketing?

Using social media and SEO wisely, to attract attention to your online content, should be common practice. This is no different for allied health practitioners.  Other than your social media turning up in SERPs, the intersection of social media and SEO may be unclear. Here, we’ll look at how having a social media presence can […]

Providing the Best Installations for Various Physiotherapy Clinics

Being a physiotherapist, you may already know how important it is to identify every patient’s specific needs for treatment and to make sure that you can give the right care they deserve. Only then can you be confident in the quality of your services and treatments, and it may even drive more patients to your […]

Points to Be Kept in Mind While Installing Case Management Software

Case management systems are becoming a necessity in both small and large organisations. These applications help companies track and store information at one convenient location, eliminating the need for multiple pieces of software. Additionally, these systems offer numerous benefits, including accessibility, flexibility, and the ability to analyse and compare data. This way, you’ll find it […]

Finding the Top 5 Telehealth Software Providers Near You in Australia

There are numerous companies out there providing telehealth software in Australia, each offering different features and functions for their systems. How can you choose the most appropriate programs for your practice? First, you need to narrow down your search to at least five providers, and here are some of the best providers of telehealth software […]

Choosing the Perfect Software for Psychologists in Australia

At some point in your career as a psychologist, you might begin to wonder if there is any way to better streamline and manage your practice for the purpose of delivering better services and increasing your profit. Looking into technical innovations, you might also wonder if there is an app or software for psychologists that […]

Are You looking for the Best WHS Software Provider in Australia?

There’s no better way to manage your organisation than with WHS software in Australia. These systems help you store and access data from a centralised location, improving workplace productivity and efficiency! In fact, most WHS software programs designed for allied health service providers are incredibly intuitive, providing your organisation with multiple benefits. You’ll be able […]

A Complete Guide on How to Install Medical Billing Software

The success of your medical practice can depend on many factors, including the billing system you are using. You need to make sure that it is efficient and suitable for your needs, so it can support your objective in providing the best customer experience and services every time. For that reason, it is recommended to […]

How To Make Your Allied Health Practice A Great Place To Work

Creating an environment in which your employees are happy to work is vital for productivity and morale. When one in four health care professionals have considered leaving their jobs, it is up to you to ensure that your practice is a place where employees want to stay. This comes down to how you engage and […]

3 Reasons to Choose iinsight’s Software for Aged Care System

Case management is important for many industries, including healthcare. However, specific sectors, such as aged care will require a more specialised platform that is tailored specifically for their needs. In that case, you will need aged care software systems that can automate and streamline routine tasks in your facility, including scheduling, accounting, and data entry. […]

How To Use Your Facebook Business Profile To Grow Your Allied Health Practice

Social media has become a key tool for seeking out health advice, and people of all ages use it. In fact, about 90% of older adults utilise it to find and share health-related information. You can leverage platforms like Facebook to help grow your allied health practice by creating networking events, joining professional groups, engaging […]

Which is the Best Occupational Therapy Practice Management Software for New Clinics?

As an occupational therapist, you may be more focused on helping your clients cope with a long-term condition or recover from a disability. That may leave you with less time to focus on administrative duties in your clinic. Even for a new or small practice, proper administration is crucial to ensure good patient care and […]

5 Ways To Boost Allied Health Patient Engagement For Your Practice

Covid-19 has led to an understandable amount of nervousness among patients who need to receive treatment or go for a consultation. It is important to understand this apprehensiveness so that you can take steps to help to put them at ease and encourage patient engagement.  With that said, one study found that patients have become […]

Things to Learn about Cloud-Based Medical Practice Software

If you are looking to upgrade your practice management system, go for cloud-based medical practice software. It is designed to improve productivity, efficiency, compliance, as well as the quality of care that you are providing to your patients. More of the details about the best cloud-based medical practice software are mentioned below: Access patient files […]

Top 5 Advantages of Cloud-Based Medical Billing Software

Creating billing statements or invoices for health services used to be a tedious process until cloud-based billing software entered the medical industry. Thanks to this new technology, clinics and practitioners can now submit and track their medical billing efficiently. It even helps them improve their revenue, as well as focus taking care of their patients. Cloud-based […]

The Best Personal Injury Case Management Software to Fast Track Your Cases

Employers in Australia have a number of obligations as per Workers’ Compensation and Injury Management Act of 1981. One of them is establishing an effective injury management system. To do this, most employers have started using personal injury case management software. The traditional way of managing workplace injury and return to work programs is no […]

Manage Costs and Stay Ahead in Your Clinic with NDIS Plan Management Software

In a gist, NDIS plan management software is designed to make payment requests to the insurance scheme easier. It streamlines medical insurance processes so you can increase your claims and manage costs more efficiently than before. How exactly NDIS plan management software works for your practice? Automating your process Struggling to manage NDIS plan? You are […]

Make the Most of Your Work by Using Cloud-Based Health and Safety Software

Occupational health and safety is an important aspect of every workplace. Failing to consider that can easily put an organisation at risk of losing its good reputation. and spending more money on litigation and paying for damages. When you have the right OHS standards in place, it makes sense to implement cloud based health and […]

Key Benefits of Using WHS Management Software

Work health and safety management software or simply WHS management software is designed to help employers protect everyone in the workplace. It is an important investment for any business owner, as it will be instrumental in preventing and managing illnesses and injuries, as well as in complying with government regulations. Of course, this software is just […]

Allied Health Website Traffic Sources From Google Analytics Explained

How do people find your allied health website? Knowing which channels are your main website traffic sources can help you to better understand the effectiveness of your marketing efforts for your practice. The insights you take from Google Analytics can help you to shape strategies around the channels to focus on and type of content […]

How to Choose the Right Therapy Practice Management Software for Your Clinic

Client management is a crucial aspect of your practice as a therapist. But thanks to therapy practice management software, this important task can become a lot less complicated. This solution helps you spend less time doing administrative tasks and paperwork so you can focus on what they do best; providing best care to your clients. […]

How Health and Safety Management System Software Help Clinics Increase Revenue?

Are you looking for a way to increase the revenue of your clinic? Try using health and safety management system software. It may seem counterproductive to do this as it involves buying software or paying monthly subscriptions. But once you start implementing this new technology, you will quickly discover that it has direct impacts on […]

How Can NDIS Software Help You Improve Your Services Efficiently?

Using NDIS provider software is one of your smartest investments you can make for your practice. This technology will help you in so many ways to improve workplace efficiency and more importantly, the quality of your services. Here’s how: Building a better appointment schedule Delivering a high quality of service means more than just providing the […]

Get CRM Case Management System and Practice – All About the Best Features

Customer Relationship Management or CRM is an important aspect of healthcare services, yet many professionals fail to practice good customer service. The good news is that there are CRM case management systems available. Using this technology, hospitals, clinics, and healthcare providers can improve their customer satisfaction. Statistics show a significant decline in customer retention in the […]

Case Management System Integration – Overview for Health Clinic

Running a health clinic typically is having your hands full most of the time because you need to care for your patients and do administrative work. The latter part is usually challenging when you and your staff are still doing things manually, which can take up a lot of time and resources. Implementing health clinic […]

7 Effective Time Management Strategies To Boost Productivity In Your Allied Health Business

Time is precious for allied health practitioners. Aside from scheduling patient appointments, you need to make time for tending to business admin and managing your team. Leave any one thing out and it may have negative consequences for your practice. Success stems from happy patients, an engaged team, and streamlined work processes that optimise how […]

Basic Tips and Tricks for Selecting a Cloud Medical Practice Software

Clinics and healthcare professionals prefer cloud medical practice software as they tend to be more affordable and easier to use than its counterpart. Accessibility is also its big benefit, making it possible for professionals, like those in the allied health, to provide patient care and work on administrative tasks while on the go. While all […]

Features to Consider When Finding the Best Cloud Practice Management Software

Cloud practice management software solutions are gaining popularity because of their several advantages. For one, they are accessible from anywhere using any device. This allows healthcare professionals like therapists to provide services and care for their clients in their homes or virtually. Another good thing about cloud practice management software is that it is scalable. You […]

5 Benefits of Cloud-Based Practice Management Software for Medical Services

The everyday life of a healthcare professional is always hectic not just from looking after patients but also from dealing with piles of paperwork. And when things get too busy, quality of care may suffer. Don’t let this happen. Start using cloud-based practice management software to make your operations more efficient so you can free […]

Digitisation, Digitalisation, and Digital Transformation Explained For Allied Health Businesses

Covid-19 has presented a significant learning curve for many businesses. The need for social distancing has led to an overhaul of processes and rapid digitalisation in many cases. For allied professionals, it has meant greater use of services including telehealth, cloud-computing, voice search optimisation, AI-based diagnoses, and more.  Digital transformation is imperative for the industry. It […]

Improving Allied Health Patient Experience and Continuity Of Care Post-Pandemic

Patients are understandably nervous about returning to healthcare-related venues after Covid-19. The thought of risking exposure to the virus has prevented many patients from seeing through their continuity of care during the pandemic.  In some cases, telehealth has been the answer. But, it is not an adequate solution for everyone, especially those who physically need to see […]

Aged Care Software Systems – A Powerful Tool for Healthcare Professionals

Ensuring the health and safety of your clients and protecting your facility is critical. The good news is that there are aged care software systems that can help healthcare professionals to do the tasks efficiently as well as stay compliant with regulations. This technology is continuously changing aged care homes for the better. How? Offers […]

Why Should Occupational Therapy Practitioners Invest in Management Software?

Occupational therapy is one of the most rewarding practices for those who want to help people overcome physical, sensory, and cognitive problems. Occupational therapists help patients regain independence despite any emotional, social, and physical barriers. However, this profession’s rewards come with risks. Occupational therapists are burdened with heavy workloads, often losing sleep and time for […]

What Is Cloud Based Medical Practice Management Software Technology And Its Uses

Physicians may be primarily concerned with providing the highest-quality care to every patient. However, those who have their own private practice will also need to run a business efficiently. Often, they will find it challenging to juggle both responsibilities, and when both aspects are important, they can simply turn to a cloud based medical practice […]

Top Queries to Address Before Buying a Health and Safety Management System Software

Ensuring health and safety of your employee is not only a legal obligation but also a moral and ethical one. Fortunately, technologies like health and safety management system software now exist to allow employers and managers to fulfill their legal responsibilities in the most efficient way. When it comes to safety, you should never settle […]

5 SEO Techniques To Drive Organic Traffic To Your Allied Health Website 

Optimising your allied health website for the search engines can seem like a never-ending uphill. As soon as you respond to the latest updates, Google changes its algorithm again! To help you stay updated in 2021, we have cherry-picked a few top SEO techniques to implement.  Taking steps to bring in organic traffic has huge benefits […]

Ten Things You Should Know About the Workplace Rehabilitation Management

Proper workplace rehabilitation management is crucial to ensuring that compensation programs are properly administered and workers can easily and safely return to work. To make it happen, you may need to invest in software designed to help you oversee your workplace rehabilitation and health programs. Here are the things you should know about it: Deployment […]

Practice Management Software? Choose the Best Option for Your Injury Management System

As a responsible employer, you must implement a good Return to Work program that is backed by a solid injury management system. Otherwise, your organisation is at risk of inefficiently managing and mishandling employees who are coming back to work after recovering from an injury. A personal injury practice management software solution can be practical […]

NDIS Plan Management Software — Tips for Choosing the Right One

Are you having trouble managing your National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) plan? You are not alone. Everyone knows it can be time-consuming and inefficient to handle everything manually. The good news is that you can use NDIS plan management software solutions to make the job much more comfortable. NDIS plan management softwarehelps you and your […]

How To Manage Expenses And Stay Ahead With Practice Management Software In Canada?

Not all medical practices around the world will be able to easily achieve their goals related to making a reasonable amount of profit, and Canada is not an exception. If you are a practising Allied Health professional in the country, know that you can still stay ahead and properly manage your expenses and finances with […]

How Can a Speech Therapy Software Meet Your Healthcare Needs?

Healthcare services are challenging to run. You have medical professionals doing their best to treat every patient within the shortest possible time and administrative staff taking care of the paperwork and payments. In the speech therapy setting, quality is of the utmost importance. Healthcare professionals need all the help they can get, whether for treating […]

How can a Practice Management Software Solve Problem for Occupational Therapists?

If you are still haven’t tried using occupational therapy practice management software then your clinic is wasting not only time but also energy and money on administrative tasks. You are probably still facing problems on client management, assessments, documentation, and keeping track of your day-to-day tasks, not to mention growing the business. All these and […]

Managing Allied Health Appointment Reminders: Tips To Reduce Patient No Shows

Patient no shows are a frustrating thing to handle. It’s exasperating from a time-management aspect, as it means the allied health practitioner wastes minutes that could have been spent consulting with people who really need their expertise.  It can also translate into below-standard or ineffective treatment for specific patients, as they miss out on receiving […]

Health Clinic Software – Implementation and Customisation Highlights for New Users

The right health clinic software can improve the way you run your practice and ensure the best services to your patients. It can also streamline the completion of tasks, minimise your administrative costs, and enable yourself and your staff to focus more on delivering high-quality and personalised patient care. As you go over the options […]

Do You Want to Learn How Useful NDIS Client Management Software Is?

Any organisation or practice that is under the National Disability Insurance Scheme must have the right tools to manage claims, invoices, and reports. An NDIS client management software solution will be practical for that purpose and much more, especially if it is a centralised platform that lets you store every relevant data for easy access […]

Add This Practice Management Software with Your Therapy Services for Better Results

As a therapist, you may be focused more on your clients that you have little to no time with the administrative aspects of your practice. However, that can be damaging to your reputation down the line, as it could result in inaccuracies, errors, and more expenses. If you are struggling to keep your data, accounting, […]

4 Benefits of Cloud Practice Management Software for Medical Professionals and Clinics

Implementing a cloud practice management software system may be the best thing you can do for your medical practice. Because it is hosted in the cloud, it allows you and your team to work flexibly and it can easily be scaled to suit the size and unique requirements of your clinic. Just make sure that […]

4 Key Considerations To Improve Web Accessibility On Your Allied Health Site

As we enter a digital age, people have the opportunity to access more information, much of it important for their health and wellbeing. Unfortunately, people with disabilities are often overlooked by businesses when it comes to putting together their websites and optimising web accessibility.    While paying attention to this can really benefit your allied health […]

Healthcare Cloud Computing For Allied Health Businesses: Necessity or Luxury? 

The use of healthcare cloud computing solutions by professionals in the industry is not a novel concept and has been around for several years. However, it is only in recent years that the technology has come into play more actively, particularly among allied health businesses. How Is Cloud Computing Affecting The Healthcare Industry? The Covid-19 […]

Workplace Rehabilitation Management: Scalable to The Needs and Size of Any Clinic

If your practice is concerned with workplace rehabilitation and health, it is best for you to find ways to deliver your services to employees and employers in the most cost-effective and reliable way. After all, they are relying on you to help them create safe, timely, and proactive return-to-work programs. This is where you will […]

Which Company Can Provide Software for Employee Assistance Program?

Do you offer Employee Assistance Program or EAP? As a professionally trained consultant, you have to make yourself available to people who might need your assistance on multiple issues, both in work and personal life. However, with all this consultancy related tasks, performing backend administrative work will only take your time and resources away from […]

What You Need to Know About an Occupational Therapy and Practice Management Software

If you are still managing your billing, patients, telehealth, insurance payments, reporting, and other critical actions the traditional way, your practice might be challenging situations daily. It is time you upgrade to an occupational therapy practice management software that can improve the way you work. It is a solution that is tailored specifically for your […]

Simplify Your Psychotherapy Practice with Online Management Software

A psychotherapy practice that can keep up with technology will have more advantage over other practices. If you are still using outdated, manual processes to oversee patient files and financial details, you could be lagging behind tech-savvy practitioners in your field. It is time you adopt a robust psychotherapy practice management system that is hosted […]

What is Expected of School Leaver Employment Providers in Australia?

The School Leaver Employment Supports program or SLES is designed for eligible Year-12 school leavers who have disabilities as determined by the National Disability Insurance Scheme. School Leavers Employment Support providers are expected to help these young people to successfully adapt from school to work. The support program also gives them a choice as they […]

How to Use Online Practice Management Software Easily

The practice management software is a solution that can improve the way healthcare practices operate. Its purpose goes beyond streamlining appointments and scheduling, organising administrative tasks, and managing patient records. With online practice management software, it will be possible to do all that along with billing, accounting, and invoicing at anytime and anywhere. The software […]

What is the Best Way to Assess Personal Care Needs?

If you currently provide palliative care or are interested in providing it, then you need an efficient and effective personal care needs assessment solution. The best tool to use it is cloud-based software that helps you customize care plans for every client requiring your professional services. The right software can ultimately help you improve the […]

Looking for a Useful Management System for Psychotherapy Practice

As more people are becoming open about their mental health and its related struggles, they are looking for quality psychotherapy practice to meet up with their requirements.  Implementing a psychotherapy practice management system is a good start to run an efficient facility and minimise your costs in future. It will improve your case management process, […]

Integrate A Cloud Medical Practice Software for Better Results

Cloud computing is for every industry, including healthcare. It continues to improve the digital ecosystem of medical practitioners and delivers cost-effective solutions, particularly in the area of case management. Cloud medical practice software is an innovative product that can maximise every practitioner’s efficiency and enable them to provide high-quality care to their patients. At the […]

YouTube SEO Explained For Optimising Your Allied Health Videos

Using videos as part of your marketing strategy is a great way to engage your audience with visual cues. However, these can often get buried amongst the vast quantities of videos out there on the internet. In such a case, learning the ins and outs of YouTube SEO (Search Engine Optimization) can be a huge help. […]

How Has COVID-19 Emphasised the Need for Customer Case Management?

The COVID-19 pandemic changed the way many of us work. Businesses have allowed their employees to work remotely from their own homes. The healthcare providers are also maximising telehealth services to continue providing their services to their patients. Because of that, there is a growing need for good and secure customer case management practices and […]

How an Aged Care Software Helps Clinics Gain a Competitive Advantage?

One of the common challenges an aged care home, nursing home, or residential aged care facility will have to face is the competition with other service providers. With the number of senior population increasing, it becomes all the more imperative that your facility must be able to set itself apart from others to provide a […]

Health and Safety Management System: For Challenges Faced by Healthcare Practitioners

The healthcare practitioners face many challenges every day. Apart from ensuring the delivery of high-quality care and services to their patients, they must also ensure the health and safety of their clinic and workplace, and provide a more efficient way to work. A health and safety management system software may be able to help with […]

Find Easy Ways to Streamline Your Physiologist Exercise with a Clinical Software

Being a clinical exercise physiologist can be challenging, as every patient you are working with is different. Over time, as your practice grows, it may become more challenging to keep track of their treatment and progress. The last thing you want to happen is to make costly mistakes that could compromise your reputation as a […]

6 Tips to Find the Right Positive Behaviour Support Plan in Australia 2021

A positive behaviour support plan is essential in delivering a specialised and intensive, individualised intervention to individuals who may be exhibiting challenging behaviours. It supports the process of understanding and resolving those problematic behaviours through empirical research and a values-based approach, while enabling support providers and practitioners to understand the reasons for those behaviours. Implementing […]

5 Important Features to Look for Before Using a Financial Literacy and Management Software

Even though you went into the medical profession with the main goal of helping people, there’s no denying that running a practice is a business. You have to stay profitable for you to be able to continue your vocation. If you’re constantly worrying about the state of your  finances, it’s time to use a financial […]

Tips For Allied Health Professionals To Increase Patient Retention

The patient base of any allied health practice is always going to change over time, with attrition and retention to be expected. The question is, how much is acceptable? If your levels of attrition exceed your rate of growth and retention, action needs to be taken.  Ultimately the essentials of increasing patient retention are all […]

What Are Sustainable Practices For Allied Health Businesses

As our awareness of the impact we have on the world increases, many forward-thinking professionals are talking about corporate social responsibility and what are sustainable practices they can implement in the business. For allied health professionals, sustainability means taking an approach to certain processes in a way that will benefit the practice, as well as […]

Switch to A New CRM Case Management System and See the Results Yourself!

Customer relationship management (CRM) applies to all sectors and organisations that deal with any type of customer. After all, it is the strategy for managing the interactions and relationships an organisation has with its current and potential customers. However, there may some differences when it is applied to the medical field. So, you should seek […]

Reach Out To Workplace Rehabilitation Services for Better Worker Compensation Programs

Every organisation needs an effective plan and standards that will help workers transition back to work after an injury or an illness. This is where workplace rehabilitation services can be valuable, as they help people return to work or recover at work. Such services are tailored to the unique needs and the rehabilitation goal of […]

How Ergonomic Workstation Assessment Is the Need of the Hour

It makes sense to ensure the health and safety of your staff in the workplace. By implementing proper ergonomic practices, you can invest in your employees’ health and well-being, and optimise the way they work. Over time, it may even help increase productivity and reduce expenses associated with healthcare and rehabilitation. To determine if your […]

How Can Upgrading to a Speech Pathology Software Benefit Your Pathology Practices?

Being a speech pathologist can be rewarding especially when you can help your patients with their communication and language issues and concerns. You may even be able to provide a wide range of services, such as speech, language, and communication assessments, and dysphagia and swallowing assessments for patients in a vast spectrum of conditions and […]

How Can Therapy Practitioners Utilise Case Management Software Technology for Better Treatments?

As a therapy practitioner, one of your objectives is to provide high-quality treatment and reliable services at reasonable prices to your patients. To fulfil that, you need a good case management system, which is designed to suit your needs. That’s where a therapy practice management software can help, specifically one that is cloud-based. It will […]

Step By Step Guide To Developing A Strong Brand For Your Allied Health Practice

Creating a strong brand for your allied health practice is your opportunity to showcase your professional story. The ultimate goal is to effectively communicate your professionalism, values, skillset, and legitimacy to your existing and would-be patients. Essentially, developing your brand should be part of your marketing strategy to grow your practice. One of the greatest […]

Deliver Reliable Consultation Services to Remote Patients: Telehealth Health Management

Telehealth can let your medical practice reach patients who might not be able to visit your clinic for reasons like their distance from you or mobility problems. If that is already part of your service offerings, you will want a platform to manage your remote patients more efficiently, so you can deliver the same quality […]

Case Management Tracking System: Spend More Time with Patients and Less Time Handling Data

Do you find yourself constantly preoccupied with paperwork due to the increasing amount of information your practice is getting each day? It may be time to invest in a high-quality case management tracking system that can automate critical and repetitive tasks, so you can free up resources and your time, and focus more on treating […]

Aged Care Software: A Powerful Case Management Solution

The growing aging population increased the demand for high-quality aged care. If your practice is focused on that, you will want to ensure the delivery of the best possible care and services to your clients and their families. Applying case management in aged care can be a solution. Modern cloud-based case management software products for […]

3 Indispensable Features of a Practice Management Software for Any Healthcare Practitioner

Did you know that you could lose revenue just by failing to collect and properly organise and keep track of patient information? Lack of a proper way to manage your practice can make you prone to making costly mistakes, which could negatively impact your reputation in the long run. You can avoid that by using […]

Technical SEO Considerations For Your Allied Health Website

We have covered various aspects of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) for your allied health website in our blog. Many of these, including on-page SEO and keyword optimisation, focus on practices related to attracting people, i.e. your ideal patients, to your website. Technical SEO is the other side of the coin, which provides the signals to help […]

5 Benefits Of Keeping Electronic Medical Records For Allied Health Professionals

A filing system that is widely used and understood by everyone has undeniable benefits. However, this can be more readily achieved by switching to electronic medical records (or EMR) than by sticking with traditional paper filing methods. An increasing number of medical and allied health practices are recognizing the benefits of switching to digital services. […]

How To Put Your Allied Health Business On Google Maps

Learning how to put your allied health practice on Google Maps is one of the most important moves you can make to boost patient visits. Not only does this free listing make it easier for nearby patients to locate your practice, but it also gives them the vital information they need to contact you. Read […]

4 Features To Look For In Medical Billing Software Australia

Creating invoices and statements for allied healthcare services is streamlined by using effective medical billing software. Through the process of medical billing, providers can put through the necessary paperwork for outstanding costs, insurance, and Medicare claims. It is why we have created iinsight, a cloud-based system designed to optimize the case management process and deliver high-quality […]

Why Vocational Rehabilitation Software Is the Best for Small and Medium Clinics

Do you provide vocational rehabilitation services? It can be challenging for a small or medium sized practice to be efficient without the right tools that will help you and your staff provide the best services to your clients. This is where vocational rehabilitation software can be beneficial, especially if you choose a cloud-based platform, which […]

Upgrading to CRM Case Management System – Switching to New Technologies

Healthcare professionals work with people on a personal level, making Customer Relationship Management (CRM) central to their day-to-day lives. To improve customer satisfaction, many are opting to use customer case management applications. Regardless of the field of medicine you are in, this platform can surely transform your customer relationship management for the better, too. Here […]

The Best Case Management System – All You Need To Know

Case management is essential to every allied health practitioner. If you are a healthcare provider, you will need to have the right system that can meet the needs of your practice. The challenge is finding an appropriate case management system that is designed for allied health service providers. Fortunately, some developers realised that need and […]

Reasons to Use Kinesiology Management Software

One of the latest improvements in kinesiology and sports medicine is kinesiology software. It is a management program designed to improve and simplify the way kinesiologists work. If you are a kinesiology expert and you have not yet adopted this technology, it’s time to seriously consider it. And when you are ready to implement a […]

Introduction to Practice Management System: Enjoy Full Functionality

As a physician, you are responsible in providing the best possible care to your patients. However, it may be challenging to fulfil that when you also have to run your practice, which is similar to running a business. It can be daunting and costly to manage your own practice, but you can somehow cope by […]

How to Upgrade to Occupational Health and Safety Software — Tips for Health Clinics

As a health clinic, your main priority must be providing high-quality care for your patients. Dealing with administrative and clerical tasks should not be taking up most of your time. However, this can be challenging since efficient case management takes effort and concentration. Fortunately, there are occupational health and safety software programs that are perfect […]

How to Get More than You Bargained for with a WHS Management Software

Efficient case management and reporting are essential for any allied health service provider. A good workplace health and safety (WHS) system can improve your data management, customer service, and overall productivity. But how can you ensure that your WHS management system software is worth the money? Here are a few factors to consider: Simplified Case […]

Common UX Design Mistakes To Avoid On Your Allied Health Website

Good UX (user experience) design can be a crucial factor in increasing conversions and boosting your allied health brand. However, practice owners can occasionally fall subject to some common mistakes that may damage their presence online.  Luckily we have curated some easy steps that you can take to improve the design of your allied health website. […]

How Is Speech Pathology Software Changing Clinics?

In therapeutic medicine, speech pathology is a specialisation that can help certain individuals of all ages overcome or at least manage their speech related problems. Practitioners are known as speech-language pathologists or language and speech therapists, and they are often challenged in the prevention, assessment, diagnosis, and treating social communication, speech, language, swallowing, and cognitive […]

A Brief Look at the Features of NDIS Accounting Software

Managing claims and invoices is not an easy task. This is especially true as you start complying with the requirements of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). In order to increase productivity and simplify otherwise complicated tasks, you need a robust NDIS accounting software. What can NDIS software for providers do for your company? Take […]

5 Questions To Ask Candidates When Hiring A Practice Manager For Your Allied Health Business

Hiring the right practice manager is an important decision that can dictate the growth rate of your allied health practice. As you acquire more patients and employees, you will need an effective management system to ensure everything runs smoothly. Both time and money must, therefore, be invested in optimising your medical management team and operations. […]

Benefits of Practice Management Software for Psychologists

As a psychologist, you need a comprehensive practice management solution that can assist you in your day to day tasks. If you consistently struggle with responsibilities such as organizing patient records and collecting payments, you may not be able to perform your primary function as a psychologist. An efficient psychologist practice management software system is […]

An Easy Guide to Using A WHS Management System Software

Work Health and Safety (WHS) management system software solutions provide efficient workflow management, better productivity, and increased data security. On top of that, WHS management systems allow healthcare practitioners to focus on their primary goal: providing excellent medical treatment and care. If your practice is using a work health and safety platform for the first […]

A Quick Overview of the Best Telehealth Case Management

Telehealth software applications have been a great help for health service providers especially during this pandemic. It allows them to care for patients remotely and virtually while ensuring compliance and data safety. And as the world embraces the new normal and more patients prefer to use telemedicine, the need for a reliable telehealth case management […]

What to Look for in a Good Therapy Practice Management Software

As a healthcare provider, delivering the best therapy care should be your utmost goal and priority. However, managing other operations such as scheduling appointments, generating claims, and processing payments can prevent you from achieving your number one goal. Fortunately, there are therapy practice management software developed to assist you in conducting operations. What are some […]

Tips To Get More Patient Reviews Online (and why that’s important)

If you’ve been running your allied health practice for a while, or even if you’ve just started, you’ll know how important it is to maintain a positive reputation. In the online world, this is shown through patient reviews, which can affect your practice both positively and negatively, depending on how you choose to collect and […]

The Major Benefits of Using A Practice Management System Software

A reliable practice management system software is an essential tool for healthcare providers seeking to manage their daily tasks more efficiently—from organizing patient records to generating claims to receiving payments. Spending too much time on these responsibilities can limit one’s productivity and effectiveness when providing medical care. This is why investing in a software solution […]

Select the Best NDIS Software According to Your Requirements

As you adapt to the ever-changing compliance requirements of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), you need a secure an NDIS system that can help increase productivity and make it easier to manage claims and invoices. But how do you select the best NDIS software according to your requirements? Consider these factors when choosing an […]

Key Features to Look for Before Selecting an NDIS Software

NDIS compliance is one of the most time-consuming tasks in most healthcare practices. If you want to be able to provide the best medical care for your patients, it might be time to invest in NDIS software to improve how you organize and manage data, payments, and records. What are some key features to look […]

How To Improve Your Profitability Using A CRM Case Management System

A CRM case management system can help you improve the quality of service you provide to your market. After all, effective customer relationship management will not only encourage existing customers to stay loyal—it can also attract new potential clients. There are many ways to improve your profitability with the right CRM case management system solution: […]

Choose the Best Cloud-Based Medical practice Management Software

Healthcare providers all over the world often have to deal with the responsibility of taking care of patients while also organising documents, billing and finances, and ensuring compliance. Many of these tasks are labour-intensive and time-consuming, often taking the provider’s attention away from providing the best care. Does this sound like you? How can you […]

5 Helpful Tips to Choose the Right Case Management Platform

Implementing a case management platform for your practice might just be the best move you can make for better productivity and a smoother workflow. Every case management software is different in terms of its features, user interface, and pricing. So how can you choose the right case management platform for your allied health practice? Here […]

Recruitment Best Practices To Find (and retain) Top Allied Health Candidates

Recruitment is an ongoing process that involves more than finding new candidates to fill roles at your allied health practice. To be really effective, recruitment needs to take into consideration the goals you have for your business, as well as the long term prospects of a candidate, so that you not only find new talent […]

How To Measure SEO Performance On Your Allied Health Practice Website

Implementing effective Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) practices on your allied health website forms an important part of online marketing for your practice. However, while your rankings on the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) might be the most direct way to gauge your success, there are many other factors that you need to take into consideration. In […]

How To Maintain Patient Confidentiality and Privacy In A Connected Allied Health Ecosystem

In the connected world that we live and work in today, data breaches are an unfortunate reality. As an allied health professional, you may be connecting your case management software to external portals such as Medicare or Workcover QLD. In accessing this connected allied health ecosystem, it’s important to be aware of patient confidentiality and privacy, […]

How To Use Healthcare Video Marketing To Market Your Allied Health Practice

Video marketing is one of the most popular ways to engage with both potential and existing clients. This is because video allows you to build a personal rapport with your viewers, despite the fact that you aren’t face to face with one another. As an allied health practitioner, there are many ways that you can […]

4 Ways To Increase Patient Lead Conversion For Your Allied Health Website

Are you receiving visitors to your website and yet, not all of them are patients in your books? This could mean that you are losing out on the opportunity to grow your practice and might need to work on your patient lead conversion strategy.   To clarify, lead conversion is the practice of guiding potential patients […]

Redefine Your Healthcare Practice Strategy with Online Management Software

Like any other management solutions, online practice management software aims to help organisations optimise their processes to gain competitive advantage. The only difference is that it is designed specifically to meet the needs and address the common problems of the healthcare industry. Online practice management software is packed with features that will surely redefine the way you provide […]

How WHS Management Software Helps You Keep Things Organised

Record-keeping is essential to every workplace health and safety management system, as it aids in risk control and oversees hazards before unfortunate incidents occur. However, there is always a risk of having records disorganised or misplaced, especially when you lack a unique platform to store and organise them. To prevent those problems, consider investing in […]

How to Eliminate Psychologist Record-Keeping Problem with Management Software?

Psychologists have legal and ethical responsibilities to maintain client records. Thanks to psychologist management software, they can effectively and efficiently do this and avoid different kinds of record-keeping problems. Through management software, they can ensure the security and accuracy of their data, reduce duplication, and comply with the guidelines set by the regulatory boards. This technology […]

Technical SEO Best Practices and Common Mistakes To Avoid On Your Allied Health Practice Website

To get the most out of your allied health website, you need to incorporate SEO best practices, which help to boost its visibility online.  As we have touched on in previous articles, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is important to make sure that you are attracting the right patients or audience, and so that they can […]

How A NDIS Compliance Software Helps You in Customer Services

When your practice provides the support and services required by the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), you may likely know by now how daunting it is to navigate their system. Price lists, loadings, and services often change, usually with minimal to no notice, and new payments and services are being added. Using an NDIS compliance software improves […]

Getting A Progressive Case Management Platform Is Easy Than Before

Effective and organised case management is essential to every medical practitioner. Otherwise, they are at risk of losing patients, dealing with compliance issues, and delivering poor customer service. However, accessing a high-quality case management platform shouldn’t be another challenge, as it is now easier to obtain and implement. Suppose you are an Allied Health practitioner yourself. In […]

Find a Top Healthcare Practice Management Software for the COVID-19 Lockdown

If telemedicine platform offers patients convenient access to care, healthcare practice management software provides doctors and staff reliable and easy ways to manage the day to day operations and monitor workflow. This is among the reasons why such types of healthcare technology have become popular in recent years. While healthcare practice management software is not new in the healthcare […]

Cloud-Based Medical Practice Management Software: Your Insight into Individual Patient Cases

Every patient demands personalised care and attention from their healthcare practitioners. They want to make sure that their doctors or therapists know and understand their concerns so that they can receive the proper treatment. So, if you are an Allied Health practitioner, investing in a cloud-based medical practice management software is always in your best interest. There […]

Allied Health Advertising: Best Practices For Medical PPC On Google

For any allied health practitioner, there are several ways to market yourself and your business online. One of the most effective ways to do this is to develop a PPC medical advertising campaign. PPC stands for “pay per click”, and is a way to attract new patients online using GoogleAds, which you only pay for […]

A Fantastic Practice Management System Software for Medical Professionals

Practice management software is an important aspect of any medical professional’s practice and operations. Without it, you could risk delays and be disorganised with routine tasks such as billing, accounting registering new patients, keeping track of appointments, and creating claims. A good practice management system software is an all-in-one solution that can simplify the way you do […]

4 Features to Consider When Using CRM Case Management System

Customer relationship management (CRM) is crucial to every business, even to healthcare providers and medical practitioners. It ensures that you can manage interactions and relationships with current and prospective patients in the long run. Therefore, it’s important to have the right CRM case management system that can be scaled to the unique requirements of your practice, while […]

3 Vital Things to Look for When Acquiring Case Management Software Solutions

Are you looking for case management software solutions? There may be a lot of products available to you, but they are not similar. So, it makes sense to check them out before signing up. Here are three important things you should consider when deciding which software is best for your practice: The features Be sure to […]

7 Ways Psychologist Practice Management Software Improves Business Efficiency

As a psychologist, you might be looking for psychologist practice management software that can bring your caseload and administrative functions into one place. Efficiently managing the administrative side of your business is key to its overall success. It’s also easier to integrate with portals such as Medicare and Workcover SA and QLD when using WHS […]

11 Free and Paid SEO Tools To Boost Your Allied Health Website

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) involves a range of online activities and techniques. As a practice, it can help you make your website content easier to find online, which can be very beneficial for your allied health website. In the post below, we’ll outline some of the most popular free and paid SEO tools to help […]

Step By Step Guide For Creating A Content Marketing Strategy For Your Allied Health Business

As an Allied Health business, having a solid content marketing strategy is going to help you build important relationships in the industry. Whether it’s with potential patients or peers, content marketing can speak volumes for your practice, giving you a voice and brand presence. But rather than producing content which offers a hard sell for […]

7 Key Features Of Physiotherapy Practice Management Software

As a physiotherapist, there are many administrative tasks that you need to complete on a daily basis, along with seeing and treating patients. In a busy practice, it can become challenging to keep track of paperwork, files, and other documents, which makes it very important to use the right kind of physiotherapy practice management software. […]

5 Reasons Why You Need A Responsive Website For Your Allied Health Practice

A website is an important tool to help you reach prospective patients as well as build valued industry connections online. Stats show that approximately half of all internet users browse using mobile. Having a responsive website ensures that they get the best experience on their mobile device. The alternative of an unresponsive site could lead […]

How To Develop A Referral Network For Allied Health Businesses

As an allied health professional, it’s important to develop a referral network for many reasons. These include being able to grow and evolve your own business, but also to form part of a wider professional network that can serve your community or society at large by providing personalised care for specific conditions. In fact, building […]

7 Essential Online Business Tools For Your Allied Health Practice

As a professional tasked with the delivery of a vital healthcare service, staying on top of business administration can be a challenge. In addition to the complex paperwork you have to file, there are emails to answer, accounting to stay on top of, and employee well-being to consider. There is also the matter of marketing […]

Telehealth Case Management Decreases Strain on Healthcare System

Telehealth continues to provide an innovative and versatile way for health services providers to deliver their consultation services to their clients or patients. It offers convenience to patients who might not be able to personally come in to consult with a physician or a healthcare practitioner. If your practise uses telehealth, it makes sense to […]

Streamline Health Records with WHS Management Software

Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) is all about protecting everyone in the workplace. It is concerned with the health and safety of you and your employees against risks and hazards, which may be caused by activities in the workplace. Using a WHS management software will make it easier for you as an employer to streamline […]

Reasons to Switch to A Cloud-Based Practice Management System

Your organisation may have relied on manual data entry and conventional computing technologies for a long time. However, those methods could easily become outdated as your organisation continues to grow. Over time, you might find yourself having difficulty keeping up with the demand to deliver information accurately and quickly. Old school practice management could result […]

Positive Impact of Allied Health Software

As an Allied Health professional, you may be looking for a way that can enhance the way you work by providing an easier way to access and update patient accounts. That is possible with an Allied Health patient account software, an innovative solution that can be scaled and customised to meet your unique requirements. Implementing […]

Online Case Management System Reduce The Paper Work Complexities

Case management can be a highly demanding task as it involves recording, analysing, and monitoring data processing, procedures, and content, which may be relevant to a particular case.  It is commonly practised in an array of working environments, particularly healthcare facilities and organisations with a Return to Work program. It may involve a lot of […]

OHS Software Maximises Your Compliance and Productivity

Occupational Health and Safety is among the most critical fields your organisation shouldn’t ignore. It is concerned with the welfare, health, and safety of your employees in the workplace, and it extends to workers in the field. Without it, your organisation’s reputation could be at risk and you could face litigation and deal with costly […]

On-Page SEO Basics To Implement For Your Practice’s Website

On-page SEO, or on-site SEO, refers to the practice of optimising individual web pages to rank higher on search engines and attract more relevant visitors to a website. The techniques optimise the content, title tags, URLs, meta information, alt tags, external and internal links on your allied health website to let people and Google bots […]

Why Blog? 4 Reasons Allied Health Professionals Should Blog To Build Relationships In The Industry

Why blog? There’s a strong case for Allied Health professionals to begin blogging. Having undergone years of medical school and training, you are qualified with very vital information that people want to know more about. Before the internet, people would have to visit a library to research a particular condition. Now, thanks to medical blogs, […]

4 Tips For Effective Allied Health Practice Management

Allied Health professionals answer their calling to deliver exceptional patient care at all times. Understandably, practice management can be a lower priority when peoples’ livelihoods are at stake. However, allied health professionals can incorporate basic tools and best practices into business for it to run more efficiently. In this piece, we will walk you through […]

How To Use Your Allied Health Instagram Business Account To Engage With Clients

During its 10 years of existence, Instagram has gone from strength to strength. From its start as a photo-posting app to its current status as a sales channel for businesses, the platform now hosts one billion active users. As part of your wider marketing strategy for your allied health practice, it’s worth establishing a presence […]

4 Free and Paid WordPress Themes For Your Allied Health Website

Because your website is a window to your allied health practice, it needs to be a reflection of your professional self. Patients searching for advice or evaluating your suitability as a health care provider will browse it to inform their opinion of your practice or service. Therefore, your website should assure them of your abilities, […]

5 Tips To Increase Patient Referrals For Your Allied Health Practice

Gaining patients through word of mouth referrals is an invaluable method of growing your allied health practice. Not only do you have the opportunity to treat more people in need of your services, but it’s also an endorsement of your abilities. If patients or medical professionals are willing to recommend your services, then you can […]

Rethinking Allied Health Care With Telehealth

While telehealth is not a new concept, it has not yet been utilized globally to its full potential. The Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic may change that in the coming days, weeks, and months though, forcing allied health professionals to rethink how they fulfil some of their essential healthcare services. Not every aspect of every allied health […]

Best Backlink Practices For Your Allied Health Website

Previously in the blog, we have touched on backlinks and their importance for your allied health website’s SEO; they act as a vote of confidence from one site to another. Receive enough votes, and this signals to Google that your website and the information on it must be authoritative. Subsequently, it raises your website’s position […]

7 LinkedIn Networking Tips To Help Grow Your Allied Health Practice

LinkedIn has always been synonymous with professional networking. It has also seen steady growth in the number of users signing up for a profile over time, surpassing both Twitter and Facebook recently according to Hootsuite. Given that it’s an expanding professional platform, the signs are certainly pointing towards utilising it to grow your allied health […]

10 Simple Blog Post Ideas and Tips To Get More Patients For Your Practice

When you train as an allied health professional, you learn about bedside manner and how to nurture a personal connection with patients to earn their trust. It is part and parcel to providing a quality health care service. Now, consider how to build the same trust with people online, so that they come to recognise […]

How To Increase Facebook Engagement and Get New Clients For Your Health Practice

Facebook is a platform where you can work on building a thriving community for your health practice. Beyond simply earning likes and followers, Facebook engagement can help you extend your reach to people who aren’t aware of your practice but require your service. Also, an engaged audience is one that understands the value you bring […]

5 Advantages Of Cloud-Based Practice Management Software

Allied Health Professionals investigating options for practice management software will have come across the terms cloud-computing and web-based software during their search. As a practice manager concerned with running an efficient operation, it is important that you know what these mean and how this type of software can benefit your business. What is a Cloud-Based […]

How To Create A Google My Business Listing For Allied Health Practices

If using iinsight has lowered your administrative workload, freeing up some of your time to follow our blog, you will be familiar with the terms local SEO and a Google My Business listing, otherwise known as a GMB listing. For brick and mortar businesses that serve the surrounding community, the GMB search results provide valuable […]

5 Benefits Of Building A Business Network of Allied Health Professionals

There is strength in numbers – this adage is certainly true for allied health professionals. Building a business network of other industry professionals who you can consult with has far-reaching benefits, both professionally and personally. Take a look at the local events calendar on your professional directory and highlight a number to attend. From mentorship […]

How To Implement Local SEO For Your Health Practice Website

As an allied health professional, optimising your business website for local SEO is of particular relevance. This is due to the nature of the service you offer and how patients select a health care provider from the results they find online. Although by no means the only consideration, it is probably fair to say that […]

What Is Keyword Research & How To Do It For Your Allied Health Website

Just as a vocational rehabilitation consultant would be amiss without an effective online injury management system to support their practice, a website missing core keywords won’t have the required framework to make it visible to patients who might need your service. Cue keyword research. Keywords form the backbone of your SEO strategy.  Identifying them to […]

How To Use Email Marketing To Connect With Your Patients

Depending on the allied health service you offer, patient care may or may not be ongoing. Even if it’s not, maintaining a connection with the people you treat can lead to word of mouth referrals or them returning if they need your service in future. The question is, how do you continue to build trust […]

7 SEO Tips To Boost Rankings Of Your Health Practice Website

Ever considered how websites appear on the first page of Google’s search results organically, without resorting to paid advertising? It is through implementing the correct Search Engine Optimization (SEO) measures to meet the ranking algorithm. SEO is hard to ignore – statistics show 75% of people never scroll past the first page results. For allied […]

5 Simple Online Marketing Ideas For Allied Health Professionals

Caring for patients is at the core of what you do. However, they have to walk through the door in order for you to fulfil this calling. As it is our goal to help allied health professionals reach their potential, we compiled some actionable marketing ideas you can implement in your practice. 5 Simple Marketing […]

What Makes A Good Website For Allied Health Professionals?

Allied Health professionals spend years studying and developing patient care skills. Understandably, learning how to manage their business online presence and what makes a good website is not as high a priority. However, the internet is ingrained in everything we do. As a result, health care practices need to go online to meet potential clients in the space they frequent.

The Key Attributes Of Allied Health Practice Management Software

We have spent years working alongside allied health professionals to get input on their case management software needs. Here are some of the key attributes that we all agree make for efficient business practice

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