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Cloud-Based Case Management Software That’s Tailored to Your Needs

iinsight® is a platform that can be tailored to suit your practice’s unique needs. Our case management software features an HR Module that your HR staff can access. Designated users can access a bevy of HR-related information, all in one location. 

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What’s Included in the HR Module?

Our HR module is very versatile. Users can customize it to fit their practice’s needs. It’s available for your HR staff to use, so long as they have the specific user permissions required. 

Under the “HR tab,” users can access the following sub-tabs:

  • Roles 
  • Clearances
  • Competencies
  • Training
  • Specialist areas
  • Registrations
  • Equipment
  • Referral notes
  • Performance

Additionally, users can upload various documents into the “Documents” tab. Some of these documents could include qualifications, certificates, and any other employee-related documentation. There are also “additional info,” “vaccinations,” and “health and safety” tabs. 


Users can click a box to indicate if an employee role needs to have access to the HR module. Once the box has been selected, the role can convert to a case. Multiple roles can get added in this section. 


The clearances tab will get shown in the available values in the common list. At the moment of creation, there’ll be a checkbox to indicate if the clearance needs verification and if it expires. 


This tab will enable HR employees to add one or more records. The option will be pre-filled on a common list. Some examples of these values can include:

  • Workplace assessments
  • Functional capacity evaluations
  • Ergonomic assessments

The common list will also have two levels.


The training tab will also allow adding trading. Users can add the date of completion and upload the necessary documentation. 

Specialist Area

In the specialist area, users can add free text data, and the data will get saved automatically.


The registration tab is based on the added value for the registration in the common list section. Users can add, edit, or delete the registration. They can also filter the list using different options from a dropdown menu. 


The information in the equipment tab is based on the added value for the equipment in the common list section. Users can delete, add, or edit the equipment. The results can also be filtered. 

Referral Notes

Users can add free text data in the referral notes tab. This information will get saved automatically. 


The performance tab section is based on the added value for the performance in the common list. Users can edit, delete, or add the performance. They can also filter their results. 


In the documents tab, documents can get added to the selected employee. There’s also an HR Document Label tab where HR documents get stored. 

Additional Info

In this tab, predefined fields, plus other custom fields, are displayed. 


Users can add employee vaccination information and records in the vaccination tab.

Health and Safety

In this section, users can edit, delete, and add user notes with documents. Users can also download the document by clicking the “download copy” button. 

HR Expiring Report

Users can run a report for the expiring tasks of training, clearances, registration, and vaccinations. Permission will need to get enabled for this feature to be in effect. 

HR Notes

Users can add, edit, and delete notes in the HR notes tab. 

What Are the Benefits of the HR Module?

Your HR staff members shouldn’t have to look in multiple locations to find the necessary HR-related information. Keep everything in one convenient place to ease their overwhelm.

You can easily edit the permissions of your staff members, ensuring only the right people have access to confidential information. If you’re in the midst of an HR issue, every team member involved can find everything they need with just a few clicks. 

At iinsight, we pride ourselves on developing a product with our customers’ needs and goals. That’s why we’ve created the HR Module for our customers. We aim to streamline your processes, helping you reduce your workload and save money on your bottom line. 

How Our Process Works

Step One: Sign-Up for a Free Trial

Sign-up for a free 14-day trial of iinsight. Once you sign up for a free trial, you’ll have the opportunity to book a one-hour demo with a member of our team.

Step Two: Learn the HR Features

During the demo, you’ll learn how to access the HR features in our platform. You’ll discover how to maximize iinsight fully. 

Step Three: Improve Operations

Have all of your confidential HR information located in one convenient location.

Why Choose iinsight for Your Case Management Needs?

iinsight is a cloud-based case management system designed to make your life easier. It’s the only cloud-based case management reporting system that enables Allied Health service providers to offer exceptional service to their patients and employees. 

Use iinsight on Any Device

The best thing about iinsight is that it’s a cloud base case management program. You can store your work securely in the cloud.

Access the information from any device that’s logged into iinsight. All you need is a device that’s connected to the internet. 

Easily Add Documents to Patient and Employee Files

Save yourself time and money by dragging files from your computer into your selected case on the iinsight platform. Don’t worry about spending countless hours entering data into your patient or employee files. You can also use our add-on feature to drag and drop emails and their attachments into iinsight from Microsoft Outlook. 

Organize Your Documents in Folders

In every part of iinsight, including the HR module, you can organize all of your documents by creating labels. The labels can be specific to your organization and serve as sub-labels. You can group and manage your documents according to type. 

Advanced Search Features 

Users with the necessary permissions can create “Organizational Views.” This feature allows users to search bookmarks that are shared across your organization. 

Users can also save their search criteria for future use. The next time they log into the program, they don’t have to waste time reentering their search information.

Designed for Patients and Employees

iinsight isn’t just designed to streamline your patient case management process. You can also utilize it to manage your staff. 

You can keep track of staff information, such as attendance and performance, all within the platform. Create timesheets, track your contractor’s costs, and more, all within the platform. 

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