NDIS Specialist Support Coordinator

Specialist support coordination is a type of support coordination that is provided by an allied health professional or a professional with psychological expertise. It is particularly funded by the NDIS for participants who may be in a crisis situation or those with exceptionally high special needs. Often, specialist support coordination providers have to deal with paperwork and documentation, which can easily become overwhelming as they continue to help those who are in need. In that case, they will need a good case management software, like iinsight®.

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Your responsibilities as a support coordinator

According to NDIS, there are 3 levels of support coordination. These levels can guide you in the planning process:

  • Support connection – As a specialist support coordinator with NDIS, you have to build on your capability to connect with funded, community, and informal supports so you can get the most of a plan and attain your objectives.
  • Support coordination – This support should aid you in building the skills necessary to understand, use, and implement a plan. At this point, a support coordinator will be working with you to make sure that there is a mix of supports that can enhance your capacity to ensure that your clients can manage service delivery tasks, maintain relationships, be included in the community, and live independently.
  • Specialist support coordination – Specialist support coordination providers will be working with people with more complex situations and require highly specialised support. As coordinator, you will help a client manage the challenges in their support environment and make sure that service is consistently delivered.

Specialist support coordination providers can assist participants in receiving funding for the supports in their plan, depending on individual aspirations, objectives, and goals.

Whether the plan is funded or not, it makes sense for any specialist support coordinator with the NDIS to have a practical and reliable way to manage every case. iinsight® can provide that solution and streamline the way a support coordinator can fulfil their duties down the line to ensure the best service every time.

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Ways it can help

iinsight® supports specialist support coordination providers by providing a robust and intuitive cloud-based case management system that is designed to streamline the way they work. Because of its nature, it can be accessed from any web-connected device, allowing support coordinators to work anywhere and anytime.

Updating information on iinsight® is easy. Simply drag and drop documents into the platform. It can be integrated fully with Xero accounting to automatically synchronise invoices and payments.

As a medical billing software solution, it simplifies the creation of billings, invoices, and timesheets for specialist support coordination providers and enables the updating of related information in the field while keeping up with your accounting system.