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Designed with usability in mind

iinsight® is built on the feedback and input from industry professionals. The software is tested against end user expectations. You’ll spend less time administering, and more time doing the tasks that matter. Forget about multiple spreadsheets, word docs and organisers, puts everything you need in one place.

Our features

Billing, Timesheets, Bulk Invoicing & Bulk Emailing of Invoices

iinsight® medical billing software programs make it simple to create your billings, invoices and timesheets anytime, anywhere. Allow your staff to update billing information in the field. Provides input to your accounting systems.

Drag and drop documents into iinsight® in just 1 step

Effortless data entry, you can save your documents into iinsight® by simply dragging one or more files directly from your computer to the selected case, & voilà!

Also take advantage of our add-on and drag emails and their attachments from Microsoft Outlook directly into the iinsight-
® documentation tab.

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Appointment setting & SMS notifications

The iinsight Appointments module is a powerful tool enabling you to easily optimise the management and scheduling of your staff, clients and company resources (e.g. meeting rooms, cars, equipment etc). You can schedule appointments, enter your tasks, book resources and oversee your staff rosters all from the one view.

You will also love:

  • One-way integration with Outlook, iCal and Google Calendars so your appointments can be added (optionally) on every other connected device.
  • SMS and Email notification to confirm appointment and reduce no-show.
  • Mobile device access to view and update your appointments anywhere, anytime.
  • Reminders for the upcoming appointments and tasks.

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Case and Admin Notes

Case noting in iinsight is a breeze! You can add simple notes and formatting, drag and drop emails and even make your notes privileged so that only those with access can see them. If you like to combine your work to reduce admin time and clicks, we also integrate our case notes in the Billing window which allows users to add their billable time, case notes and documentation/images etc all in the one action.

Additionally, Case Note templates (including pre-population of client information), can be created in the back end and used within the Billing window to reduce repetitive administrative tasks giving you the power back.

Client Documentation sorting, cloning and approval

Not only can you Drag and Drop Documents and attachments within emails directly to the iinsight system and associated Case, but you can order these with ease and save time when trying to find this next time. iinsight® will allow you to drag your documents into custom named Tabs, or simply apply labels at the time of creation/upload.

Do you need the same version of another document but don’t want to edit the original or approved document, not a worry, iinsight® will allow you to clone a Document in its current state. And for those times when a document should not be modified beyond a certain point – users with the permission can also approve any document, thus locking it for future editing. If you are approving something like a Word document, this will automatically open as a PDF when in the Approved Status.

Keep track of Contractors’ costs and time

Reduce internal administration and benefit from our employee expenses feature to keep easily track of your contractors ‘costs. Highly configurable, this option will match your contractors’ remuneration policy and enable you to report against this information.

Fully integrates with Xero accounting system

Forget about double data entry and associated administrative costs, with our iinsight®-Xero connector you will benefit from automated synchronisation of the invoices and the payments between both systems. Talk to us today to learn more about this add-on.

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External Forms – Online Referral Form

Custom Forms in iinsight now allow you to build and External Custom Forms instead of only Internal Custom Forms. When building an External Form for Referral purposes you can map your fields in the Custom Form to Standard and Custom Fields within iinsight. Then simply use the Embedded code produced by iinsight to add the Referral Form to your website. When referrals come into the queue, there is a little to no admin involved in finalising and converting the Referral to a New Case.

In the instance where a Referral is converted to a Case, a copy of the referral (PDF) is automatically added to the documentation tab along with any other Documentation uploaded when the referral was made. Additionally, any notes taken during the process of actioning the referral and prior to finalising it, will also add to the Case Notes tab upon Conversion. When converting the referral to a Case, you can also choose to book an appointment or proceed without one. If you proceed with an Appointment, an Appointment will be created for the Case and if you do not proceed with an Appointment a Task will be created to “Book first Appointment” and will be Assigned to the Case Manager selected when converting the Case.

HR Module

The HR Module within iinsight allows companies to track, store and report across multiple HR relevant areas. These include competencies, certifications, registrations, vaccinations, clearances and much more. Giving you the ability to track required documentation when being uploaded, set due dates and task reminders for staff including expiry dates. Upload documentation against staff records and enter field data relevant and customised to the information you need. Additionally within this space we have the Health and Safety tab allowing you to record and upload information relevant to Health and Safety for each staff member.

Safety App

Are you looking for a software that also keeps your staff safe and accounted for at all times? With our Safety App, your consultants will be able to download our App from the PlayStore or AppStore and Check In, Check Out and Overstay at appointments. Seeing a visual map of their day and alert and safety notifications as required. Imagine being able to open a full window view of where your staff are in the field and knowing that they are safe. Consultants are able to signal duress or call the police directly from the app. Messages back to base, as well as the ability to send push notifications to staff at any given time.

In this day and age it is extremely important to ensure that staff are safe when undertaking their daily tasks. Often companies who have a large base of consultants working on the road, in healthcare facilities, community locations and homes could say where exactly their staff are at any given time. Iinsight puts your mind at rest, allowing you to not only see where someone has been and report on this but it will also show you a live location allowing you to see that staff are where they are supposed to be and are safe. Not only this but your staff feel more confident knowing they have support in place should something go wrong or should they need assistance.

NDIS CRM Software

Thanks to iinsight CRM, you can store and manage all your business contacts in one place, create tasks and share with co-workers.

The CRM allows you to:

  • Full integration with Outlook, iCal and Google Calendar so your appointments appear on every other connected device.
  • SMS and Email notification to confirm appointment and reduce no-show
  • Mobile device access to view and update your calendar anywhere, anytime.
  • Reminders for the upcoming appoint-
    ment and tasks.

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Custom forms

Easily find all your documents by creating document labels specific to your organisation which are sub- categories within the documentation tab allowing you to organise and group your documents according to their type.

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Bulk Email invoicing directly from iinsight

The Bulk Email Invoice module allows you to create and send of all invoices on any given invoice batch run via the Batch Invoice Wizard directly or via the Finance module, to send to the “Bill to Contact” listed against each client file for every invoice.

When creating and sending emails through iinsight , iinsight will also create a record of each email sent in iinsight and copies of these will be saved in your Email Account sent folder. thus making it easy to track the emails sent both in and out of the iinsight platform.

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Advanced search feature and organisational views

The Advanced Search module allows users with suitable permissions to create ‘Organisational Views’ which will allow searching bookmarks to be shared across all members of the organisation for quick reference and organizational compliance. Additionally, this module allows a consultant to also edit any existing ‘Organisational Views’ and publish these updated views throughout the organisation.

The Advanced Search Filter Feature will allow a user to ‘Save’ a View with multiple Search Criteria selected and retain this view as a personalised view each time they log in to their platform.

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Workcover QLD/SA integration

Iinsight® facilitates the Workcover SA and QLD claiming process by respectively providing a ready to use report and a full integration which electronically export invoices data from iinsight® into the WorkCover QLD system.

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Invoice grouping options

The invoice grouping module fulfils the invoicing requirements needed for compliance purposes by several Insurance Companies (including Suncorp Australia). When a billing is added that is enabled as a “Single Invoice Row” cost, the invoice will group any costs added (during the period being invoiced) that have the exact same “Description” and “Charge Code” into a single line on the invoice for the period being invoiced.

All other activities/items without the Single Invoice Row checkbox selected will appear on their own line in the invoice as has always been the functionality.

This may assist many providers with increasing their compliance obligations for insurance companies and funders, this may result in additional referrals from the insurers directly as invoice compliance is a benchmark that many use to determine referrals to allied health organisations.

Medicare integration

Easily find all your documents by creating document labels specific to your organisation which are sub- categories within the documentation tab allowing you to organise and group your documents according to their type.

Maximise your productivity & compliance

Effective plan management

Don’t risk exceeding the budget or duration allotted to a case, thanks to our plan feature you can now focus on the services provided and get the status of the remaining budget or duration in real time. It will also prevent you from going over the limit and provide you with a notification.

Group Billings for staff running group sessions for multiple clients at the one time

The Group Billings is useful or organisations where their staff run group sessions for multiple clients at the one time.

It will allow a staff member to enter a single billing against multiple clients for a single session. The billing will automatically update against each of the client’s case files so they can be picked up on the organisations next invoice run.

The staff members timesheet will also automatically update to reflect the duration of the group session.

As is always the case, staff can create file notes, new reports/ documents and upload files all at the same time. A single dialog box that allows staff to efficiently complete all of their work.

NDIS bulk billing report

Making bulk payment requests to NDIS is now easy using the Bulk File report. The report is built in accordance to NDIS requirements and can be lodged directly into the portal.

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KPI Reports

Iinsight KPI reports will help you visualise Key Performance Indicators so you can keep track of the progress of your staff against targets to improve performance. Our KPI reports are based on case load, location and performance, they take into consideration both monetary and time targets.

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Tasks and To-do list (your own or assign tasks to someone else)

The tasks and to-do list is a great way to manage all of the tasks you or other staff need to schedule against a client file.

No more needing to manage your to-do list using a separate application or traditional paper and pen. With this module, you can manage all of your work in the one place.

The tasks will automatically send you reminders as they become due and you can view all of your assigned tasks from your own dedicate tasks & appointments dashboard.

Tasks can be assigned a priority and a status. As tasks are completed, they will automatically be moved to the completed tasks list.

Enterprise reporting for compliance & performance

Stay informed at all times by receiving time sensitive notifications about your organisations case load. Set automated reminders and thresholds for budgets and the number of remaining working days before budget due dates. Allow your consultants and their team leaders to get key performance indicators daily (KPI’s) either via email or desktop alerts.

System alerts and user notifications

Stay informed at all times by receiving time sensitive notifications about your organisations case load. Set automated reminders and thresholds for budgets and the number of remaining working days before budget due dates. Allow your consultants and their team leaders to get key performance indicators daily (KPI’s) either via email or desktop alerts.

Automated workflows and compliance

Workflow management is a breeze, it allows you to deliver on your internal and external KPI’s. Deliver the right information to the right people at the right time.

Worrying about contract compliance and audits will be a thing of the past.

Digital eSignature to billing and case note entries.

Should your Company need to sign off on services delivered, iinsight® now has a handy eSignature feature within the Billing and Case Note Windows. This allows either the client or the consultant (or both) to sign off on the services received and to sign against the information of Billings to confirm they agree to the charge.

You can add a signature to New Case Notes and the signature exports if Case Notes are exported.

Also, for any New Billing entry added via the +Billing windows – the Case Note and corresponding signature is added to the list of Case Notes including the signature also.

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Benefit from the highest information security standards

ISO 27001

Our ISO 27001 certification confirms our continuous commitment to the security of our services to all our clients. The certification process assesses that we are addressing each element of the ISO standard and that our information security management practices meet internationally-recognized best practices.

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Secure any device, anytime. 100% Mac and Windows compatible

True secure cloud computing with iinsight®. 100% Apple Mac and Microsoft Windows compatible. Compliant with all major internet browsers and Microsoft Office applications. iinsight® integrates with software you already own and are already familiar with. Also take advantage of mobile tablet devices e.g. iPads, Samsung tablets etc., to easily update your client file notes and billings with your work immediately and securely stored in the cloud. No need to go back to the office, login remotely or double enter your file notes ever again.

Database security, backups and 24×7 system monitoring

With iinsight® your data is secure. Every organisation has a private database and document repository where data is encrypted and continuously backed up using the highest standards commercially available. We exceed the privacy and data protection legislation requirements across the countries that we service. We own infrastructure in data centres located in Australia, European Union, Canada and the United States providing our clients with site infrastructure and expected availability of 99.99%.

Multi factor authentication (MFA) mandatory as standard

To help organisations comply with the new legislations such as the GDPR (EU) and Privacy Amendment Act 2017 (AUS), focus on strong privacy governance and encourage good practice, iinsight® requires mandatory Multi Factor Authentication (MFA). The MFA is one of the most effective controls an organisation can implement to prevent an adversary from gaining access to a device or network and accessing sensitive information.

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Records management meeting privacy legislation requirements

Do not risk your client records.

 Cloud based practice management gives you peace of mind, it eradicates the need for a contingency plan in the event of files being destroyed, lost, or stolen. Don’t save private client records to your computer’s hard-drive and risk them been compromised. iinsight® mitigates risk by offering the ability to quickly, easily and always having access your clients records via a secure online portal anytime anywhere.

Document storage and back up retention

The Back-up and Storage of Client Documentation is performed hourly. Which means at any point in time should a document need to be recovered within a 120 day period,  Be Software will be able to recover this.

  • Backup your organisations database, every 5mins and store a history of each of these
    backups for 35 days
  • Backup your organisations document repository (documents, reports, uploads etc), hourly
    and store a history of each of these backups for 120 days.

Customer service, a priority

Helpdesk, customer support and user training

We make your engagement process fast and easy. Our system configurations are personalised to meet the needs of your organisations specific reporting and delivery model requirements. We work with you to understand your business direction and then advise on how you can personalise iinsight® to meet your needs. You’re up and running within days with ongoing support via online knowledge base, video tutorials, ticket and telephone helpdesk.

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Data migration from legacy case management systems

Do you have a legacy system and want to have all of your historical data migrated into iinsight®? This is not a problem, we get asked to do this all of the time, so much so we have pre-canned migration scripts for a lot of the popular legacy case management solutions in the market place or we can easily create a migration script for your bespoke case management solution. Talk to us today about your specific needs.

24×5 Online support ticketing

iinsight® offers as standard 24 hours x 5 days (Monday-Friday) online support ticketing across the software platform. Users can lodge support requests with the confidence that they will receive quick turn around times to their support requests and there is always someone there to help. As these tickets are lodged directly through the system, Be Software will know who you are, which organisation you belong to and to which users we need to respond to when updating the ticket.

Our online knowledgebase is linked to our support tickets, so when you type in certain keywords via the subject line you will be presented with relevant knowledge base articles which may resolve your issue before you have even submitted your ticket!

Continual innovation through industry interaction

We are passionate about innovation through the interaction with industry bodies and our clients. We are agile in producing software releases which are largely made up of ideas that our clients have shared with us. We invite all of our clients to particulate in our user groups so we can continue to develop the world’s best case management platform and continue to meet the industries reporting and compliance needs.


And so much more!

  • Unlimited user licenses.
  • No restriction on the number of cases.
  • Comprehensive client reporting.
  • Case Notes (clinical, admin and audit logs).
  • Contact management.
  • Create and bill from predefined plans.
  • Generate docs on the fly.
  • Upload docs, images and other formats.
  • Document security and versioning.
  • User roles and permissions.
  • Automated management & staff reports.

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