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Electronic health records (EHR) needs to be secure, easy to use and integrate smoothly within your workflows. iinsight® is a cloud-based case management and reporting system, designed for electronic medical records software which will simplify how you work, save time and protect your patient data.

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Case management is essential to effectively assess, monitor, advocate, plan, and associate the patient with relevant support, rehabilitation, or healthcare services. The objective is to efficiently manage illness and reduce the risk of a relapse. Manually doing those tasks can easily become daunting and takes up much of your time. So, it may be best to look into case management tools to reduce your time administering and enable you and your team to focus more on other important matters, like caring for your patients or clients!

That said, not all case management platforms are made equal. When comparing solutions, you might want to ensure that they can fulfil these five functions:

1. Simplifies data entry

You could waste a lot of time manually entering or typing information to make new or update case files. So, make sure that the case management tools have a drag and drop feature to save time.

2. Fully integrates with your accounting system

Administrative costs and double data entry can be eliminated when the case management platform can be integrated with an accounting system, such as Xero. Make sure that the integration enables the automated synchronisation of payments and invoices between the two systems.

3. Keeps documents organised in one centralised repository

Good case management tools will let you find your documents in one place, and you can configure the way they are arranged. Consider a cloud-based platform, so you can easily access your files anytime and anywhere from any web-connected device.

4. Integration with Medicare and WorkCover

Connecting to their portal can reduce administration, simplify financial reporting, and make the claims process so much faster.

5. Appointment setting and notifications

Case management tools should have a reliable appointments module to optimise scheduling and management of clients, company resources, and staff. Look for integration with a calendaring app like iCal, Google Calendar, or Outlook calendars, so you can keep track of appointments on each connected device. Some platforms can provide notifications via email and SMS to help confirm appointments and minimise no-show.

Get iinsight® for your Electronic Medical Records. It’s the only case management software you will need to stay productive and keep things properly organised in your office. The cloud based medical practice management software is available in Australia, United Kingdom, Ireland, New Zealand, United States, Singapore, and Canada.