Telehealth Case Management Platform

Telehealth Case Management

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Telehealth is one of the most innovative ways for health services providers to reach out and deliver reliable consultation services to their patients or clients. It uses digital communication and information technologies to allow remote access to their services. This makes telehealth practical for remote health management too. As you implement this practice, you may need a secure and versatile platform for effective case management and to make sure that any relevant information is up-to-date. This is possible with a cloud case management solution, like iinsight®.

The only Telehealth case management solution you will need

iinsight® will simplify case management and reporting. Designed specifically for Allied Health service providers, the platform allows occupational therapists, vocational rehabilitation consultants, and other healthcare providers to work smarter and intuitively for enhanced productivity and better customer service. It can be scaled for any health organisation, regardless of their size. This way, telehealth case management is more accessible to more teams and organisations looking to improve their services and the way they work.

The iinsight® case management software will help boost your productivity and enhance the way you provide your telehealth services.

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Some of its most critical functions for Telehealth
case management are as follows:

Effortless data entry

  • Save documents into the platform by dragging and dropping one or multiple files from your computer to a selected case.
  • With an add-on, you can drag emails and attachments from Microsoft Outlook to the documentation tab for easy case management.

Integrate with your accounting system

  • iinsight® can be fully integrated with popular accounting software to eliminate double data entry and reduce administrative costs.
  • If you are using Xero, the platform has a connector to automatically synchronise invoices and payments to a specific case in your telehealth business.

Easy cost management and monitoring

  • Prompt and cost-effective delivery of health services is essential to any telehealth practice.
  • Iinsight® is a case management solution that makes it easier to track employee expenses and contractor costs.
  • This way, it is simpler to match the remuneration policy of contractors and you can report against that information.

An all-in-one platform for billing

  • No need to invest in separate invoicing, timesheet, and medical billing software programs.
  • iinsight® provides more flexibility in creating invoices, billings, and timesheets.
  • Your telehealth staff can update the billing information anytime and anywhere, and deliver input to the accounting systems you use.

Keep documents organised

  • It is crucial for telehealth case management to keep things in order.
  • iinsight® supports this by letting you make and label custom folders according to your telehealth organisation’s unique management requirements.

Save time

  • Enhance your telehealth service by emailing any scanned files directly to the platform, which will automatically upload documents and attached to their relevant client records.
  • This way, case management will be simpler and hassle-free.

Custom forms

  • Find all your telehealth documents by adding specific document labels
  • and keep your case management documentation properly organised according to type.

WorkCover integration

  • iinsight® simplifies the management and facilitation of WorkCover QLD and SA claiming processes for your telehealth system by delivering ready-to-use reports and full integration with invoice data into the WorkCover system.

Organize Calendar

  • Keep track of telehealth appointments and get reminded about them from a powerful organisational calendar.
  • This tool simplifies the management of staff, resources, and clients.
  • Use it to enter tasks, schedule appointments, oversee your health staff rosters, and book resources.

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As a robust telehealth case management platform, iinsight® can also maximise your compliance and productivity by automating workflows, providing user notifications and system alerts, and simplifying enterprise reporting related to your telehealth service. It even provides KPI reports for easy management and tracking of your telehealth practice and how it progresses against targets. This way, you can easily identify areas that need improvement and those that may be helpful in the long run.

Look no further than iinsight® if you’re looking for reliable Allied Health practice management software. Our telehealth and case management platform will support your health practice and provide you with a reliable and secure way to work anytime, anywhere, with any web-connected device. Get in touch with us and try it for free. Our telehealth case management solutions are available to health industry customers in Australia, New ZealandUnited StatesSingaporeCanadaIreland, and the United Kingdom.