Tyro Terminal and MediPass Integration

iinsight Case Management – Tyro Terminal Integration

Tyro Integration Makes Accepting Payments Simple

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Accept Payments Through Tyro Medipass Connection

iinsight makes case management and payment automation easier than ever via Tyro integration using terminals. There is no need to type the amount to be paid or the invoice number. We are using Medipass for the Tyro integration. In order to facilitate the connection between iinsight and Medipass, the user will need to create an account on Medipass and then input the corresponding business setting and bank account as well as designate the business locations and terminals. 

Steps to Initiate Tyro Integration

Step One

Create your Medipass account as outlined in the above section. 

Step Two

Once you have created the account on the Medipass portal, the user will need to create an API Key, then copy and paste it into your iinsight dashboard. Tyro will provide the user with an “APPLICATION NAME” when creating their new account. 

Step Three

With the Medipass account and API key, the user should then navigate to the iinsight/Options/Financial Setting section. We have added a Tyro tab where the user can initiate the connection between iinsight and Medipass. This helps put the API key just created on Medipass on Tyro and enable the service to be used through iinsight. Enter the APPLICATION NAME in the corresponding section. 

Step Four

You can test the connection to see whether it has been set up properly by clicking the “Check Credentials” button.

Team Level Integration

At the Team Level, the iinsight team has added a new checkbox to configure whether a team is allowed to make a payment using Tyro. All teams will have the option checked as a default. The Admin will need to go and manually uncheck the box to remove those permissions from specific teams. 

Paying with Tyro

If you navigate to the Case List/Accounts tab (if Tyro is enabled on “Options” and the team from the case has Tyro enabled via the checkbox), you will see a new button labeled “Pay with Tyro”. Once you press the button, a popup will appear on screen and also on the terminal. The popup has all necessary fields like amount, invoice reference, card number, expiration date, CVC, etc. to help with invoice payment.

Once the payment is successfully completed on a Tyro terminal, there will be a new payment and case log created within iinsight. There will be a “Payment Details” window with the important transaction data fields. On the “Reports” section, we have added a new payment type in the dropdown labeled “TYRO”. 

What is Tyro? 

Tyro is a fresh alternative to payments and business-only banking. They are Australia’s largest EFTPOS provider of all ADIs outside the big four and gives businesses lending and banking solutions. Tyro supports over 60,000 businesses in Australia. Tyro connects seamlessly with your existing systems and uses smart technology to give you a better banking and payments experience. 

What is Medipass?

Medipass is a modern healthcare-specific solution that facilitates connection between patients, healthcare providers, and funders in ways that help streamline the healthcare payments process. Tyro recently acquired Medipass, adding to the ease of integration with the iinsight cloud based case management platform. 

How Tyro Can Help With Payments and Invoices

Get Paid Easier

With invoicing and payment software like Tyro, payment collection and management is simple. Admins can keep track of all payments and have invoice data stored in one convenient, easy-to-use dashboard. Storing all invoice data in one spot is the most efficient way to keep accurate records of all transactions and facilitate payment. 


Should the need rise for reconciliation or an audit, keeping an organised record of all payments in one dashboard. Admins can easily toggle between payments to find any discrepancies or transactions in questions. 

Improved Accuracy

Businesses can quickly lose track of payment records, especially if their payment processing and management systems are disorganised. A modern, smart tech system like Tyro allows you to reduce keying errors and saves your Admin team precious time from having to manually enter all invoice information. For practices with a high volume of patients that have to constantly deal with private insurance companies, Tyro optimizes the healthcare payment process. 

Practice and Case Management Made Easy

iinsight uses cloud-based technology to provide an end-to-end case management reporting and management system for businesses within Allied Health services including Rehabilitation Consultants, Occupational Therapists, Speech Pathologists, Psychotherapists, NDIS service providers, and more. 

  • Tailor-made for Allied Health and NDIS service providers.
  • Intuitive, work smarter, with immediate benefits. 
  • Scalable for organisations of any size. 
  • Work securely in the cloud with any web-connected device. 

Users can download the iinsight mobile app on either Google Play or the Apple App Store. 

About iinsight 

iinsight is a cloud based case management system for the Occupational Health and Rehabilitation markets. The Allied Health services company was formed in 2004 after a need was identified for specific case management and billing needs. A cloud-based, user-friendly approach with a focus on industry-specific compliance was necessary for these businesses to run successfully. In 2006, the first iteration of iinsight was deployed and has since been developed throughout 7 different countries. We also deployed iinsight for mobile devices in 2012 to help increase provider efficiency. 

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Our Vision Statement

To help customers maximize client and business outcomes through industry-specific software solutions.  

Our Products…

Help to streamline business systems, increase efficiency, and meet compliance requirements.

Our Promise to Customers…

Is to provide easy-to-use software solutions that remain up to date with industry requirements. 

Optimize Your Payments Records and Processing with Tyro

Integrate Tyro into your healthcare practice now with iinsight for convenient and efficient payment processing. This guide helps explain the process, but please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions about Tyro integration or how to use it once you have successfully connected. The iinsight support team is standing by ready to assist and answer any questions you may have.

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