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Welcome to iinsight®, we understand that each discipline within your multi-disciplinary organisation provides unique services, and setting up specific charge codes and rates for these services is essential for accurate billing and financial management. With iinsight®'s comprehensive platform, you can easily configure and customise charge codes and rates for each discipline, ensuring accurate billing and financial tracking.

Our flexible system allows you to define the charge codes associated with the services provided by each discipline. Whether it's Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, or any other discipline, you have the freedom to set up charge codes that accurately represent the services rendered. This level of customisation ensures that billing is accurate, transparent, and aligned with your organisation’s requirements.

In addition to charge codes, iinsight® enables you to set specific rates for each service provided by the disciplines within your multi-disciplinary organisation. You can establish different rates for different services, allowing for granular control over billing and ensuring that each discipline's services are accurately priced. This customisation capability helps you optimise revenue generation while maintaining transparency and consistency in your billing processes.

By setting up discipline-specific charge codes and rates, you can automate the billing process and reduce the risk of errors. The system will automatically generate invoices and financial reports based on the services provided by each discipline, saving time, and ensuring accuracy in your financial management.

With iinsight®, you have the power to streamline your billing processes and effectively manage the financial aspects of your multi-disciplinary organisation. Say goodbye to manual calculations and the risk of billing errors and embrace a system that simplifies the management of charge codes and rates for each discipline.

Benefits of the iinsight and Sage integration
Automated workflows and compliance

Discipline-Specific Document Tabs

With iinsight®, you can set up discipline-specific document tabs, allowing each discipline to access and work with the templates and resources relevant to their specific requirements. This feature ensures that information is well-structured and easily accessible, supporting collaboration and coordination within your multi-disciplinary team.

Concurrent Plans and Budgets

Managing plans and budgets for the same client across multiple disciplines can be complex. iinsight® simplifies this process by allowing you to set up and run concurrent plans and budgets for a single client. This feature provides your organisation with the flexibility to manage different aspects of client services simultaneously, enabling better coordination and resource allocation across disciplines.

Automated workflows and compliance
Automated workflows and compliance

Enhanced Security and Control

In a multi-disciplinary organisation, ensuring the security and control of sensitive information is paramount. iinsight®'s role-based permission system provides enhanced security by restricting access to sensitive information and features based on an individual's role. This ensures that only authorised personnel within each discipline can access and modify the relevant documents and data, maintaining confidentiality and data integrity.

Key Benefits

Automated workflows and compliance

Experience the power of role-based permissions with iinsight®. Take control of your multi-disciplinary organisation's workflow, ensure compliance, and maximise productivity. Discover the benefits of a system that adapts to the unique needs of your organisation.

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