Risk Assessments

Risk assessment is an important aspect of occupational health and safety (OHS) to identify risk factors and hazards that could cause potential harm. It also involves the analysis and evaluation of the risks associated with those hazards, and determining the best ways to eliminate the hazards or at least control risk. With a cloud based medical practice management software like iinsight®, it will be easier to assess risks and have a comprehensive view of the workplace to identify those situations, hazards, risks, and relevant processes that may result in harm to you and your staff.

Iinsight® is an online practice management software that can make it easier to identify risks and evaluate and analyse how likely severe they are. It supports your decision-making, so you can make smart choices when deciding how to mitigate or eliminate the risks.

Iinsight® may be known as a health clinic software, but it is also a crucial OHS management software that supports the process of risk assessments in medical practices and establishments. By adopting a WHS management system software, problems associated with risks and hazardous situations can be minimised or removed. It will provide all the important tools your organisation would need to keep every worker safe, while ensuring effective job management in the long run.

How iinsight® helps

As a case management software, iinsight® is a powerful, robust, and reliable platform that empowers you and your team to conduct risk assessment while backed by safe work procedures, predefined compliance checklists, and full JSAs. Because it’s a cloud based medical practice management software, it is accessible anytime and anywhere from any web-enabled device, and it can automate critical processes associated with ensuring occupational health and safety practices. It will:

  • Simplify case management – The online practice management software makes it easier to input new data with a drag and drop feature you can use to bring new documents and emails and their attachments directly onto iinsight®.\
  • Reduce internal administration – The health clinic software enables transparency in contractor costs and monitoring employee expenses. Iinsight® can be configured to match the renumeration policy of every contractor, so it is easier to report against their data.
  • Organise documents – The WHS management system software has tools like custom folders and labels to help you keep things organised.
  • Simplify data entry – Integrate the case management software with your accounting system or with Workcover or Medicare’s portal to avoid data entry mistakes.

Try iinsight® for 14 days free or request a demo to discover for yourself why it’s the only cloud based medical practice management software you’ll need to improve risk assessments. Iinsight® is currently available in New Zealand, Australia, Ireland, Canada, UK, US, and Singapore.