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Case Management made easy…

iinsight® is a web-based case management and reporting system, designed for allied health service providers including; vocational rehabilitation consultants, occupational therapists and NDIS service providers.

  • Tailor-made for allied health and NDIS service providers.
  • Intuitive, work smarter with immediate benefits.
  • Scalable for organisations of any size.
  • Work securely in the cloud with any web device.

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What makes iinsight so powerful ?


Case Management Made Easy…

iinsight® is designed by industry professionals to boost effectiveness in allied health and NDIS service provision, enabling secure client file management anywhere, anytime.

  • Intuitive, work smarter with immediate benefits.
  • Scalable for organisations of any size.
  • Work securely in the cloud with any web device.

Digital Workflows Compliance…

Workflow management is a breeze, deliver the right information to the right people at the right time. Automate your organisations processes.

  • Deliver on your internal and external KPI’s.
  • Right information at the right Time
  • Contract compliance and audits made easy.

Database security & 24×7 monitoring…

Exceeding privacy and data protection legislation requirements. Data centres located in Australia, United Kingdom and Canada.

  • Data is securely stored & system monitored 24×7.
  • Data is encrypted to highest commercial standards.
  • Provide clients with expected availability of 99.99%.

Helpdesk Support & User Training…

System configurations are personalised to meet the needs of your organisations specific reporting and delivery model requirements.

  • Personalised for your organisations needs.
  • Easy to setup and start operating within days.
  • Proactive support, including telephone helpdesk.

Privacy Legislation for Client Records…

Cloud based practice management gives you peace of mind, it eradicates the need for a contingency plan in the event of files being destroyed, lost, or stolen.

  • Don’t risk your clients files becoming compromised.
  • Ensure you are meeting privacy legislation requirements.
  • Files on local computers puts your clients data at risk.

Any Device, Anytime…

True secure cloud computing and cloud case management. Access and manage your client files safely and easily. 100% Apple Mac and Microsoft Windows compatible.

  • Mobile device and internet browser compliant.
  • Easily and securely update your client files and billings.
  • Desktop user experience with comparable performance.

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Intuitive, easy to use

The brilliance of iinsight® is that it allows users to spend more time with people and less time entering and re-entering data. The software is easy to use and effectively reduces the incidence of user error.

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Any Device, Anytime

Store your work securely in the cloud, so its with you wherever you go. All you need is a web-connected device to securely access the iinsight® service. Never not have access to your case files or reports again.

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No software licenses

Setting the standard in productivity by providing clients immediate access to business and financial information. The licensing model is perfect for organizations of all sizes, removing up front costs typical of other solutions.

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Here’s what our clients have to say…



“iinsight® has allowed us to spend more time working on billable tasks, increase our client case load and minimise time spent on administrative tasks. The support we have received has been the crucial key to our success with iinsight®


Rebound Rehab

“iinsight® provides us with a one-stop place to store all our client records. Before using iinsight® we had folders upon folders of client files – iinsight® enabled reboundrehab to bring this all together in one place. Being cloud based iinsight® can be accessed (and has been accessed) from almost anywhere in the world. It enables our staff to information share quickly and efficiently. iinsight® has been a great program to use, more-so the support offered by BeSoftware has been fantastic always with a prompt resolution. Reboundrehab are also keen on the regular improvements and updates that take into consideration user needs.”


Axis Injury Management

“Our Consultants have been thrilled with the move to iinsight®. The web-based software allows them easy access to case information regardless of whether they are in the office, at home or on the road. It also allows our business to grow without the complexity of adding new licence agreements and associated new costs.”


Resilia Psychological

“We have been using iinsight® since 2011 and it has made a big difference to our business enabling us to spend less time on Administration and more time with our Customers. iinsight® is a very versatile product and helps us to access case notes, reports, invoices, costs and many other features with ease of access in a user friendly format.” There are regular new features and innovations which continuously enhance the system and the friendly Support team listen to our needs and respond in a timely manner. “We are also able to migrate our other business ‘Centre for Corporate Health’ into iinsight® to enable us to have a single platform that caters for all of our organisations needs which is exactly what we wanted.”


3d Mind Solutions

“I have used other case management software – but iinsight® beats them hands down! It has kept pace with our rapid business growth with its easy to use formats. I can’t speak highly enough of the customer assistance you will receive from iinsight®.”


Shoalhaven Rehabilitation

“Last night I entered all my client details and billings into the system – took me
30 minutes for each client – a task that previously took me 3 hours for each person! I’m wrapped!”



“iinsight® has an intuitive ‘feel’ about it and I found it very easy to adapt to, I trialled some alternate packages which were quite confusing. iinsight® has allowed me to be very flexible with my work practices.“Before iinsight® we had a private network that was very tedious for all to use! My external staff reported that it was extremely slow, unreliable and almost impossible to work with. From the office end, it required an expensive and power hungry server to be running all the time, constant maintenance and expensive IT support to make it work. Not only is good IT expensive, it is very difficult to find a company or individual that can be responsive. I found that the IT issues that the server and the private network created were by far the most stressful aspect of running the business!.”


Ainscough Associates

“Previously we were using an Excel spreadsheet system to record our case notes and submit invoices. iinsight® has been fantastic in that it has allowed us to really streamline, simplify, and make this whole process automated and much less of a headache! This has been a fantastic bonus for our company. Favourite feature is the ability for us to differentiate the fees that we pay to self-employed case managers from the invoices that we send out from the company. Previously we were doing this manually but the system now allows us to do this and it is a massive bonus. My favourite bit really is the whole streamlining of our case notes and the ease of billing. Being able to review costs and case note entries with ease in one central cloud location is fantastic and very helpful with the work that we do. Firstly, I would talk about the price. I carried out quite a few reviews of other systems prior to signing up and I have to say that the cost of your system is extremely favourable and a massive advantage over your competitors.”


EverGreen Rehabilitation

“We have been users of iinsight® since 2010 and have watched it grow and improve every week. iinsight® has helped our business to have all information close at hand, with the ability to access case notes, reports using templates, outcomes and achievements, invoicing and much more. The support given by iinsight® staff is constantly friendly and swift and they are always open to ideas and improvements to help it become even better.”


Working Rehab

“IINSIGHT has provided our team with a readily accessible and user-friendly case management system which has streamlined our case notes, reporting and service costs. Our mobile consultants are able to access the system from anywhere and at any time. This has been great as previously we had been using hard copy files, and excel spreadsheets which resulted in a lot of administrative ‘downtime’. We have been impressed with the prompt customer service and trouble-shooting assistance, Ian has been a big help to ensuring the system runs smoothly for our team. I particularly like the ability to link iinsight and xero (accounting software) for our invoices which helps save considerable time on book keeping and accounting. We would recommend iinsight to allied health and rehabilitation providers.”