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A solid budget management system is essential for any medical facility or practice. But are you still manually doing and overseeing all the paperwork and accounting to determine how much to spend and prevent overspending? Not only is this old-fashioned process time-consuming—it is also prone to errors. Prevent costly mistakes and make your practice much more efficient by investing in high-quality budget management software like iinsight®. It will enable you and your employees to make informed decisions that can improve your spending habits and help you oversee your budget in real-time.

Resolving your most common budgeting issues

Without the right budget management software, you would have to wait until weekly or monthly reports are submitted to you before you can determine how much money is left. It may be too late to resolve overspending and other problems by the time you see the reports. That’s why it’s best to have medical software systems with budgeting tools you can access in real-time.

The best software lets you do budget management in real-time as it is hosted in the cloud and accessible using web-connected devices, like your smartphone or tablet. That way, you can easily check your budget when required, conduct real-time budgeting, avoid overspending, and enforce sufficient budgets before committing to spend.

Our healthcare software has all the medical software systems you will need to run your practice more efficiently, while avoiding budgeting problems. It lets you oversee your budget in real-time in the cloud for immediate impact analysis every time you spend, and you get budget management tools to identify spend against budgets. Critical tasks like invoicing, billing, and timesheets can be automated and updated on the fly, while making sure that they are synced to your accounting systems.

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Benefits for your practice

Using our budget management software, you can improve visibility into your budget as soon as it is set. Explore approved transactions and pending requests and review them against your budget, and look further to determine savings from opportunities where you have decided not to spend. It will add more transparency in budget planning and budgeting practices across your organization.

Built for you

It’s important to look specifically for software that is built for the healthcare industry. A generic solution won’t but it. After all, different industries have different needs and deal with different situations. What you need is a healthcare software system that is designed specifically for your requirements. The best medical software systems can support your practice in many areas, including case management.

iinsight® is among the leading solutions for case management in Australia with all the features you can expect from a software solution that is designed and built for Allied Health professionals like yourself.

It is tested against the expectations of end users, making it proven reliable in reducing the need to spend a lot of time administering and manually doing tasks, like budgeting. It puts together all the things you need in one centralised place, so you can avoid keeping multiple organisers and separate spreadsheets or documents just to keep track of matters like your budget.

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Beyond case management in Australia

iinsight® is the only all-around healthcare software you will ever need in your practice. Here is an overview of some of its most important features:

  • As a budget management solution, it comes with tools that let you and your staff create and update billings and invoices anywhere and anytime.
  • Keep track of contractor time and costs to reduce internal administration. Our software is among the medical software systems with its own employee expenses feature, which is configurable to make it easier to match it with the renumeration policy of contractors, so you can report against that information.
  • Are you using Xero accounting? Our software for case management in Australia can be connected to it to automatically synchronise payments and invoices between the two systems. This way, administrative costs and double data entry can be eliminated.
  • Link billings to the claims portal of Medicare to reduce administration, simplify financial reporting, and accomplish claims faster.
  • Our medical software systems come with an invoice grouping module to help in fulfilling invoicing requirements for compliance to insurance companies in Australia.
  • Advanced organisational views and a search feature allows your organisation to sign off on some of the delivered services, there’s a convenient eSignature feature in the Billing and Case Note areas to let participants obtain the services or the consultant providing the services, or both. Using the advanced search module, authorised users can create organisational views, so finding bookmarks can be shared across other members of your practice.
  • Data entry is easier as you can save your documents into our healthcare software by dragging one or multiple files from your computer directly into a selected case. We also offer an add-on that allows you to drag and drop emails and attachments from Microsoft Outlook into the documentation tab. Moreover, you can email scanned files directly into the software it will be uploaded and attached automatically to a specific record.

Try iinsight® free for 14 days to discover why it is among the leading medical software systems and solutions for case management in Australia. Our software is available in Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, UK, Canada, Singapore, and the US.