Funding and Goal Tracking

Funding and Goal Tracking Funding and Goal Tracking

Funding and Goal Tracking Software for Healthcare Practices

Managing a healthcare business is stressful and time-consuming, to say the least. Streamline your business with the help of Iinsight’s advanced funding and goal tracking software for healthcare practices. See what our powerful software can do for you.

Manage SMART Goals to Build a Smarter Workforce

  • 97% of patients are frustrated by wait times
  • Run a fast and efficient practice with Iinsight’s software for healthcare professionals
  • Track, measure, and manage your SMART goals to get everyone on the same page
  • It gives clarity, visibility, and accountability to the team

Optimize Your Practice with Deeper Insights

  • Improve long-term planning and find areas for improvement with our funding software
  • It also helps align your focus and helps you sustain that momentum as you run your healthcare clinic

Understand Your Revenue Cycle Performance

  • Get a clear view of your practice’s revenue cycle
  • Allocate funds and resources easily
  • Assess if the funds are being used for their intended purpose

Resolve Your Funding and Goal Tracking Issues

  • Conduct funding plans and goal tracking in real-time
  • Solve issues of overspending, lack of productivity, and more

Actionable Analytics & KPI Reports

  • Visualize your key performance indicators, so you can manage your staff’s performance against the goals set
  • Critical and visible insights let you determine what needs to be improved to reach your targets

Effective Plan Management

  • Plan your funds and avoid exceeding your budget
  • Prioritize the services provided and obtain the status of the remaining funds

Tasks and Reminders

  • 195k patients die every year due to medical errors
  • Use our tasks and reminders feature to run a more efficient practice and prevent errors
  • Focus on the important activities so you can achieve your short-term and long-term goals

Medical Billing

  • For your funding plans to be effective, you need a proper billing system
  • Our cloud-based practice management software comes with essential tools like scheduling, accounting, and financial reporting

Staff Timesheet

  • Keep track of your staff’s attendance, performance, and the number of hours each of them spends at work
  • This way you can know if each employee is working towards the set goals

iinsight Mobile Applications

  • Download the iinsight mobile application on Google and Apple
  • Create your funding plans and manage your goals from anywhere on the go

WorkSafe QLD and ReturnToWork SA

  • This feature allows your practice to plan funds for workers’ compensation
  • Easily manage claims and reports in one place


  • Automate the process of backing up your funding plan and goal tracking files in a secure location
  • This way you don’t have to worry about losing your important documents

Customized and Scalable

  • No matter the size of your healthcare clinic, our funding and goal tracking software can be tailored and scaled to its unique needs

Built for Allied Health Professionals

  • All-in-one management solution designed to empower healthcare professionals providing Allied Health services
  • Some of the industries we work with include occupational therapy, positive behavior support, psychology, physiotherapy, and more

Benefits of iinsight Goal Tracking Software for Healthcare

  • Using the latest software will allow you to give your patients a much better experience
  • Making checking in, filling out forms, and paying their bills more convenient will encourage patients to remain loyal to your office
  • With dedicated medical scheduling software, your staff will work faster, and your patients will appreciate the reduced waiting times
  • Your organization’s revenue will flow faster if you implement a medical billing system, reducing rejected claims and allowing you to identify and correct errors quickly
  • If you do not stay up-to-date with advances in medical software as well as technological developments, your practice might fall behind the competition

Looking to effectively create your funding plans and track your goals? Our healthcare
software solution ensures hassle-free funding and goal tracking. Try it for 14 days free
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