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Rethinking Allied Health Care With Telehealth

While telehealth is not a new concept, it has not yet been utilized globally to its full potential. The Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic may change that in the coming days, weeks, and months though, forcing allied health professionals to rethink how they fulfil some of their essential healthcare services. Not every aspect of every allied health […]

Best Backlink Practices For Your Allied Health Website

Previously in the blog, we have touched on backlinks and their importance for your allied health website’s SEO; they act as a vote of confidence from one site to another. Receive enough votes, and this signals to Google that your website and the information on it must be authoritative. Subsequently, it raises your website’s position […]

7 LinkedIn Networking Tips To Help Grow Your Allied Health Practice

LinkedIn has always been synonymous with professional networking. It has also seen steady growth in the number of users signing up for a profile over time, surpassing both Twitter and Facebook recently according to Hootsuite. Given that it’s an expanding professional platform, the signs are certainly pointing towards utilising it to grow your allied health […]

5 Advantages Of Cloud-Based Practice Management Software

Allied Health Professionals investigating options for practice management software will have come across the terms cloud-computing and web-based software during their search. As a practice manager concerned with running an efficient operation, it is important that you know what these mean and how this type of software can benefit your business. What is a Cloud-Based […]

5 Benefits Of Building A Business Network of Allied Health Professionals

There is strength in numbers – this adage is certainly true for allied health professionals. Building a business network of other industry professionals who you can consult with has far-reaching benefits, both professionally and personally. Take a look at the local events calendar on your professional directory and highlight a number to attend. From mentorship […]

How To Implement Local SEO For Your Health Practice Website

As an allied health professional, optimising your business website for local SEO is of particular relevance. This is due to the nature of the service you offer and how patients select a health care provider from the results they find online. Although by no means the only consideration, it is probably fair to say that […]