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7 Key Features Of Physiotherapy Practice Management Software

As a physiotherapist, there are many administrative tasks that you need to complete on a daily basis, along with seeing and treating patients. In a busy practice, it can become challenging to keep track of paperwork, files, and other documents, which makes it very important to use the right kind of physiotherapy practice management software. […]

How To Develop A Referral Network For Allied Health Businesses

As an allied health professional, it’s important to develop a referral network for many reasons. These include being able to grow and evolve your own business, but also to form part of a wider professional network that can serve your community or society at large by providing personalised care for specific conditions. In fact, building […]

Telehealth Case Management Decreases Strain on Healthcare System

Telehealth continues to provide an innovative and versatile way for health services providers to deliver their consultation services to their clients or patients. It offers convenience to patients who might not be able to personally come in to consult with a physician or a healthcare practitioner. If your practise uses telehealth, it makes sense to […]

Streamline Health Records with WHS Management Software

Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) is all about protecting everyone in the workplace. It is concerned with the health and safety of you and your employees against risks and hazards, which may be caused by activities in the workplace. Using a WHS management software will make it easier for you as an employer to streamline […]

Reasons to Switch to A Cloud-Based Practice Management System

Your organisation may have relied on manual data entry and conventional computing technologies for a long time. However, those methods could easily become outdated as your organisation continues to grow. Over time, you might find yourself having difficulty keeping up with the demand to deliver information accurately and quickly. Old school practice management could result […]

Positive Impact of Allied Health Software

As an Allied Health professional, you may be looking for a way that can enhance the way you work by providing an easier way to access and update patient accounts. That is possible with an Allied Health patient account software, an innovative solution that can be scaled and customised to meet your unique requirements. Implementing […]

Online Case Management System Reduce The Paper Work Complexities

Case management can be a highly demanding task as it involves recording, analysing, and monitoring data processing, procedures, and content, which may be relevant to a particular case.  It is commonly practised in an array of working environments, particularly healthcare facilities and organisations with a Return to Work program. It may involve a lot of […]