Our History

Be Software International® (formally Bizexpress) was formed in 2004. Consulting to the Workplace Rehabilitation and Employment Services Industries, a need was identified for an industry specific case management and billing system which was cloud based, user friendly, simple to implement & compliance focused. It also needed to allow managers to access up to date business and financial information. The licensing model allows organisations of all size to access this software without the need for sizeable up front costs typical of other solutions.

In early 2006, the first version of iinsight® was deployed with a large national provider. Since this time iinsight® has been deployed by many leading Australian and international companies of all sizes. BE now has offices in Australia, United Kingdom and Canada with clients in 7 different countries. The introduction of iinsight® for mobile devices such as iPads and iPhones in 2012 has transformed how consultants work and has enabled significant increases in provider efficiency.

In 2012 Be Software International® commenced development of iignite® a solution to maximise performance within Employment Services Australia & Disability Employment Services contracts.

Our vision statement

Our vision statement

To help customers maximize client and business outcomes through industry specific software solutions.

Our products…

Our products…

Streamline business systems, increase efficiency, meet compliance requirements

Our promise to customers…

Our promise to customers…

Is to provide easy–use software solutions that remain up to date with industry requirements.

Occupational Health and Rehabilitation

iinsight® is now the pre-eminent cloud based patient management software for Occupational Health & Rehabilitation markets.

Client uptake has been fast &the platform and business model are getting close to becoming the de-facto standard.

iinsight® is now the pre-eminent cloud based case management system for Occupational Health & Rehabilitation markets.


iinsight® takes off

In early 2006 our flagship project evolved. iinsight® and was initially deployed with a large national and provider whose industry specific knowledge was invaluable to us. Our business philosophy has always been the same.

We add enhancements that allow iinsight® to work specifically for our clients – we don’t follow the old traditional model of “fit your business around the software!

Our business philosophy has always been the same.

Our History

We have extensive international experience in technology and business consulting within the workplace rehabilitation, medical, disability and employment services environments. We employ solution oriented staff who are business minded and customer oriented.

Our staff remain up to date on the latest technological advances and are committed to ensuring that these are implemented within our products to further improve efficiency and productivity.

Global Presence

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