Your Rules, Your Way: Effortlessly Tailor iinsight®for Your Company – No Developers Needed!

Make iinsight® dance to your tune! Edit contacts, permissions, and templates effortlessly – a customised experience without the complexity. Dive in and watch your business shine!
Customise iinsight
Time Savings and Efficiency

Save Time

With the ability to edit document templates with branding customisation, progress note/SOAP note templates, email & SMS reminder templates – your business can save time and reduce errors.
Efficient and Organised

Efficient and Organised

Keep your business organised and improve efficiency with software that allows the settings to be customised to suit your business requirements, ensuring streamlined operations.
Control User Access

Control User Access

Granually manage user access for heightened security and improved operational control, contributing to a more secure business environment.
Detailed contact fields enable you to organise and manage information about clients, planners or funders effectively.

Edit form fields

Edit form fields for internal and external forms like client onboarding and referral forms. Embed the referral form on your website and link it to creating a new case in iinsight. Edit case form’s for employee’s to fill in when creating new cases, client (person) and client (company) information fields, client contact information form fields, additional form fields for HR and form fields relating to Goals and Progress.

Templates Galore: Your Brand, Your Style, Your Way!

With our platform, you’re not just using templates; you’re creating a unique identity for your business effortlessly. Edit document templates with seamless branding customisations, tailor progress and SOAP note templates to fit your workflow, and craft compelling email and SMS reminders that resonate with your audience.
Templates Galore: Your Brand, Your Style, Your Way!
Document templates

Template management

Create templates for custom (system) forms, documents, reports, plans/budgets, financials or emails including prepopulation of client information.
Email and SMS templates

Email and SMS templates

Create and customise email and SMS templates to send to your clients.
Progress/SOAP note templates

Case note templates

Create case note templates to pre-populate into case notes such as progress or SOAP note templates.
Craft Your Control: Customising iinsight User Permissions!

Craft Your Control: Customising iinsight User, Role and Teams Permissions

Take charge with iinsight’s user, roles and teams permissions customisations! Tailor access for your allied health team with over 200 permission settings. From case lists to finances, precision control is at your fingertips. Secure, adapt, and thrive with a software experience molded to your business needs – because in control, you excel.
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