Finding the Top 5 Telehealth Software Providers Near You in Australia

  • By Renato Parletta
  • March 16, 2021

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Workplace Rehabilitation Management Australia – iinsight

There are numerous companies out there providing telehealth software in Australia, each offering different features and functions for their systems. How can you choose the most appropriate programs for your practice? First, you need to narrow down your search to at least five providers, and here are some of the best providers of telehealth software in Australia:


Be Software International is a global telehealth provider based in Australia, and the company has been offering solutions since 2004.

Iinsight, the company’s telehealth solutions software, is built with features such as case management, all-day data security, and helpdesk support. On top of that, the system is cloud-based and mobile-ready, making it easier for users to access data from any device.

What makes Iinsight stand out is its intuitive user interface. Even the most tech-illiterate users can learn the program’s complicated functions, preventing human errors. You can test its features with a free 14-day trial, so you know if the software is right for you!

Red Guava

Red Guava offers Cliniko, a telehealth management system for allied healthcare practitioners. The software is perfect for physiotherapists, chiropractors, and osteopaths, giving them the chance to streamline their workflow from any device.

Cliniko also comes with a free trial and boasts features such as appointment scheduling, billing and invoicing, and patient management.


HealthArc offers telehealth software for an affordable price. Their system was built for remote patient monitoring and chronic care management, allowing health practitioners to chat, voice call, or video conference with their patients.


Lifesize offers a video conferencing solution for healthcare providers around the world. Their system allows instant video calls on both mobile devices and computers, and users can conduct meetings and presentations all in one space.

The telehealth software has multiple integrations, including Microsoft Teams, Skype, and Microsoft Outlook.


Made for therapists and private practitioners, TheraNest is an intuitive telehealth platform with different billing and storage features. Users can track appointments, compliance, and patient information all in one place, improving their productivity and efficiency.

Are you in the market for new telehealth software in Australia? Choose the system that best works for you, and you’ll start to see improvement in no time!

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