How Can Upgraded Case Management Software for Paediatric Offices Improve Health Care?

  • By Renato Parletta
  • December 29, 2021

As a paediatrician, you have several children counting on you. Read on to learn how case management software for paediatric offices can help your practice.

As a paediatrician, you have several children counting on you.

You want to provide the best care possible and make sure they’re healthy for life. But with so many patients and such little time, it can be difficult to keep up with everything. That’s where case management software for paediatric offices comes in handy!

With this software, your office will be able to manage patient records more efficiently than ever before. And that means less stress for both you and your staff! It also helps streamline billing processes which saves time too – meaning more time spent caring for kids instead of paperwork!

Keep reading to learn how upgraded case management software can help improve health care.

What is Case Management Software for Paediatric Offices?

Case management software for paediatric offices is computer software that streamlines the patient care process.  It does so by connecting you with your staff, patients, billing companies, and more.

It allows your clinic to manage patient records in real-time. If a staff member collects information on one child, you have that information saved right away. That means no paperwork or scrambling for information!

And if you need to make changes or updates, it’s equally easy thanks to the built-in tools. You can change details on patients, lab results, and more in a few simple steps.

The software also makes it super easy to bill your patients. It does this by automatically inputting patient information into templates that your billing partners accept. It stores important information like account numbers, insurance billing, and more. You don’t have to worry about losing records or making a mistake when it comes to submitting.

It also streamlines the whole referral process by automatically inputting patient information into forms your partners accept. That means no paperwork and no errors!

How Can Upgraded Case Management Software Help Your Practice?

There are a few ways that upgraded case management software for paediatric practices can help improve health care. Let’s look at a few below.

Speed Up and Simplify Data Entry

Data entry is a tedious and time-consuming process, but it’s a necessary one. You no longer have to worry about getting stuck on the computer inputting information when you use this software. Instead, your staff can easily update records by logging onto the system from their computers or mobile devices.

How? The software automatically syncs with your devices so when a staff member enters information, it’s stored. Then, after they make a change or update the information, the same thing happens to all devices using the system!

That means if a patient is in for an appointment and a doctor needs to access their history, they can do it from any device. And if they need to change something, it saves instantly.

Reduced Administrative Costs

Upgraded software can also help reduce administrative overhead costs by eliminating data duplication.

Data often enter the system in various ways. For example, parents may contact you for an appointment or a nurse may enter information when they’re updating patient files. If that happens, the same information gets entered twice! That’s unnecessary work and can erode office profits.

But with upgraded case management software, your staff members only input information once. After that, all devices sync up and store it automatically which means no data duplication!

Staff can also access files from any device at any time to make updates as well as save the time spent on paperwork. That means more time spent caring for kids and less time on the computer!

SMS Reminders and Calendar Management

Case management software for paediatric offices can make it easier to follow up with patients.

Many practices use text messages to remind patients of upcoming appointments or important events. And the upgraded software makes it easy to send reminders! It also offers features that store them so you don’t have to enter them several times into each system.

Even better, it simplifies sending appointment reminders to patients by making sure they’re right on time. For example, let’s say your practice sends SMS reminders a day before an appointment. Other practices rely on patients to remember the date and time of their appointments and show up accordingly.

Sync With Medical Insurance Providers

Your staff members can also use the software to make it easier for patients to access their medical records with insurance providers.

All they have to do is send secure fax within the system. The upgraded software then automatically stores that information. This saves your staff time and headaches as well as ensures everything’s done correctly!

For example,  one of your paediatricians sends a fax to the insurance company and includes patient information. The system automatically enters that patient’s information into the fax. That means all information is up-to-date and accurate.

CRM Functionality

Healthcare professionals face daily challenges. They also need to stay organized and productive. The upgraded case management software for paediatric offices can help them stay organized by offering CRM functionality.

What is that exactly? It’s the ability to find patients more quickly, stimulate their loyalty, and streamline business operations. And it does all that by making it easier to keep track of their information.

The CRM software can organize patient data by date, age, and more into categories that make sense. For example, you can group kids who are one year old together or those who have the same illness. That makes it super easy to reference patients’ files. It can recall important information such as their history, concerns, and what medications they take.

Another feature that can streamline business operations is the software’s ability to remind staff of yearly checkups or vaccines that are overdue for patients. Your staff members can set up email alerts so they never miss an important task again.

Getting Started With Case Management Software for Your Paediatric Office

Upgraded case management software for paediatric offices can help you improve health care by eliminating tedious data entry, cutting administrative costs, saving time, and improving patient care.

This is important because paediatric offices can’t afford inefficiencies and slow operations. If paediatricians and office staff members aren’t organized, they could lose patients and their profits!

When you’re ready to learn more about how case management software can benefit your office, start your free trial with us!

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