What are the Specifications of OHS Software?

  • By Renato Parletta
  • March 23, 2021

Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) is essential in any workplace, including hospitals, clinics, and allied health service facilities. However, it can be challenging to oversee in a bustling environment. Staff might find themselves overwhelmed with administrative duties that they may not be able to abide by the best practices to ensure safety and avoid accidents. Those issues can be avoided with the right OHS software. Once implemented, it can help oversee the health and safety of all employees, and manage any work-related incidents, which may have put some of your staff at risk.

It is a good practice to use OHS software to define and implement the best practices and rules, which employees should follow to minimise incidents. This will also help your business comply with industry regulations and standards related to health and safety. Managers, HR, and employees that are potentially exposed to hazardous situations at the workplace could benefit from having good software that they can access from any device.

If you are looking for the right software for OHS compliance, you will want to consider a versatile cloud-based case management platform that can be scaled to fulfil that requirement. Good OHS software serves as a powerful and reliable platform that can streamline the way you conduct risk assessments, while backed by safe work procedures, JSAs, and predefined compliance checklists. Being cloud-based, it can be accessed from any web-connected device. Some solutions also have an app for case management on-the-go.

Check that your OHS software has the following specifications:

  • Drag-and-drop features and accounting system integration – Data entry will be easier and less time-consuming.
  • Employee tracking – Reduce internal administration when you can easily oversee contractor costs.
  • Custom folders – This should keep things organised according to your standards.
  • WorkCover and Medicare integration – This feature should let you link billings the claims portal of those organisations.

Make sure that the software is scalable to the unique requirements of your organisation. It should be easy to implement in a short time frame when it comes as a complete out-of-the-box solution to support your OHS program and practices!