10 Simple Blog Post Ideas and Tips To Get More Patients For Your Practice

  • By Renato Parletta
  • February 20, 2020
10 Simple Blog Post Ideas and Tips To Get More Patients For Your Practice

When you train as an allied health professional, you learn about bedside manner and how to nurture a personal connection with patients to earn their trust. It is part and parcel to providing a quality health care service.

Now, consider how to build the same trust with people online, so that they come to recognise you as a professional they can consult with should they need your service.

The answer is to blog on your website.

Why Should Allied Health Professionals Blog?

Blog Tips For Allied Health Professionals

Blogging gives you a voice to communicate with your online community and foster relationships that may lead to patients walking through your practice door.

There is another major advantage of blogging: it helps to raise your website’s visibility online. While SEO is more complex than writing articles to publish, posting content means you have more opportunity to cover keywords that your target audience searches for online, and subsequently draw people to your website where they can get to know you better.

To help you create engaging content for your online community, we have put together a list of 10 blog post ideas you can try.

Blog Post Ideas To Engage Your Online Allied Health Community

1. Use Numbers In The Title

A numbered blog post promises your readers a measurable set of ideas. The list format is also one that most people are familiar with and tends to generate a lot of clicks.

Example: 8 Lower Back Stretches For Immediate Pain Relief

Numbered blog post

2. Write How-To Guides/Tutorials

As a qualified medical professional, you have a great deal of knowledge that can really benefit people. Share it with them in an authoritative piece that imparts relevant insights.

Example: We’ll use our very own authoritative guide as a reference – 5 Ways To Better Manage Allied Health Cases.

3. Share Video Demonstrations

Video is very easy to engage with. Use it to your advantage by recording a demonstration that will attract viewers to your website.

Example: Blood Pressure Basics: How To Check Yours At Home

4. Interview Other Industry Experts

You may work closely with other allied professionals, for example, a mentor or other complementary service providers. Introduce them to your patient following in an interview that provides unique insights and interesting reading into an aspect of their work.

Example: Interview With The Dean Of Medicine and Health At The University of Sydney

Health Professionals Blog

5. Share Patient Cases

Nothing speaks louder to your abilities than happy patients. Ask a few to share their success story and create case studies on your blog for others to read.

Example: Patient Success Story: Jane’s Journey With Speech-Language Pathology

6. Circulate Relevant Industry News

There are advancements in every industry. You can bet that your regular audience wants to read about what’s happening in yours.

Example: How OHS Management Software Systems Are Improving Safety In The Workplace

7. Review or Compare Product Patients Use

If you stock products that your patients use, it can be helpful to review new ones as you start supplying them. This way you can educate patients and assist them with buying the most suitable one.

Example: Taking A Look At Brand X’s Latest Contact Lenses To Hit The Market

Types Of Blog Posts Allied Health Professionals Can Use

8. Provide Answers To FAQ’s

You probably get asked the same questions by patients. Adding a section of FAQ’s onto your website can give them, as well as other potential patients researching online, quicker access to the answers they are looking for.

Example: FAQ’s about the Process of Occupational Therapy Treatment

9. Write Your Own Informational Articles

Impart your knowledge and establish your voice as an authority in the industry by publishing your own informational content.

Example: 7 Super Foods You Can Survive On

10. Create a Checklist

A checklist provides an actionable list of points people can tick off. The notion of completing something to achieve a goal is incredibly satisfying, making this blog format highly readable.

Example: 9 Step Guide To Improving Mobility In Your Rotator Cuff

Checklist blog post

Add Value To Attract Patients To Your Practice

We hope you have enjoyed our blog post ideas and tips to help you grow your online community. The rule of thumb is to put your audience’s interests first, just as you would your patients’. After all, their goal for reading content is to be educated on your industry and to get to know you better as a professional.


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