Push Aside the Pen: 7 Benefits of Using Digital eSignature Software

  • By Renato Parletta
  • January 25, 2022
Concept of a digital signature on a tablet in the modern world.

From saving money to saving the Earth, transitioning to digital eSignature software pays. Click here for the 7 business benefits of putting aside the pen.

Did you know that signatures obtained through digital eSignature software are legally binding? As long as you meet some basic requirements your clients cannot reject a contract simply because of an electronic signature. You might be surprised to know the law governing this was established in the year 2000. 

That’s over a decade ago. Since then digital signature software has developed greatly and become integrated into many other software solutions for businesses. The result is that it’s easier than ever before to take advantage of this convenient tool. 

Is it time to put aside the pen? In this article, we’ll talk you through seven benefits of using electronic signature software. So reach for your Apple Pencil and start taking a few brief notes.

1. Anyone Can Do It

For change to be adopted it has to be achievable, practical, and realistic for most people involved. Digital signature software ticks all the boxes. It is super easy to use and convenient for everyone.

Depending on the software you use, you have the option of writing out the signature or choosing a pre-written signature style that’s preferred by the client. Even patients that have reduced scores on their activities of daily living assessment (ADL) are able to sign electronically with minimal effort.

2. More Intelligent

Digital signature software is used on many different document types. Depending on the application you are using, you can gain valuable insights into the process the client goes through before signing. For example, some software programs will allow you to see what section of the document the client spent the most time on before approving the document with a digital signature.

Other intelligent insights are available like when and where they signed the document. If there is more than one signature, you can learn who is holding up the signing process. These insights allow you to work interact more skilfully with the client.

3. Independent of Postal System

The postal system is an amazing thing steeped in history and well-loved by most people. Still, we accept that it is an imperfect system and during peak times of the year, such as Christmas, it is under massive pressure.

Using electronic signatures enables you to bypass the postal system during those busy periods. That means your document will get to where it needs to go without any of the stress and uncertainty.  

4. Time Efficient

Signing documents can be a time-consuming process when paper is involved. This is because documents may go back and forth as contractual revisions are discussed and agreed upon. It may be other details that need to be corrected, edited, or removed.

Either way, if you are using paper there will be an inherent delay. A key advantage of digital documents using electronic signatures is that those changes can be made in real-time and signature secured much more quickly.

5. Save Money

Sending documents via courier is not cheap. As the number of documents increases so do your costs. If you want to send special documents with added security, then you can expect the price to rise accordingly.

Electronic signatures save you all the costs associated with this type of document transaction. While it is true you may need to pay a fee for using software like this, it is minimal and not dependent on the number of documents. Business models like this are scalable because you can increase the business without adding an expensive burden.

6. Safe and Secure

It’s tempting to think that online documents are not as secure as paper. That may have been true in the past; however, nowadays documents are protected by bank-level encryption and there are sophisticated ways of verifying the identity of people involved in signing the document.

Knowledge based authentication (KBA) is an example. This requires the user to answer questions using knowledge unique to them. This method and many others that are available ensure that digital documents and digital signatures are even more secure than paper versions.

7. Paperless Office 

There are many advantages to a paperless office. It is a model of administration that many businesses see as desirable and are gradually adopting in their workplace. Electronic signature software is another step in reducing needless paperwork.

That means no need for huge filing cabinets and stacks of paper with the potential to get lost in the filing. A paperless office also means an office that everyone can access no matter where they are. This is cost-effective, efficient, and super convenient because you can integrate this into automated tasks once a signature has been received.

Automation based on document approval can help save time and advance important stages in service provision or even invoicing for services. Having your processes set up like this also reduces error.

Sign Up for Digital eSignature Software

In this article, you’ve read about some of the benefits of using digital eSignature software. Each of these benefits is a reason why you should adopt digital signature software in your business. It’s helpful to see the ability to request digital signatures as part of a greater whole.

That is a business that uses minimum paperwork, is accessible through the cloud, and provides multiple efficiencies for a business by integrating many of these software functions into a core software program. The more you leverage tools like this, the less your human resources cost will be.

You can explore the potential of digital signature software and integrated software solutions by getting in touch with us here.

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