4 Tips For Effective Allied Health Practice Management

  • By Renato Parletta
  • May 1, 2020
4 Tips For Effective Allied Health Practice Management

Allied Health professionals answer their calling to deliver exceptional patient care at all times. Understandably, practice management can be a lower priority when peoples’ livelihoods are at stake.

However, allied health professionals can incorporate basic tools and best practices into business for it to run more efficiently. In this piece, we will walk you through 4 simple ideas which practice owners or managers can easily implement.

Tips For Better Allied Health Practice Management

While practice management may seem to take time away from patients, the reality is that it is an important component of bringing them through the door in the first place. For this, you need to create awareness around your services and make it easy for patients to schedule appointments.

1. Ensure Your Business Has An Online Presence

Practice Online Presence

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s even more relevant for your allied health practice to have an online presence. In general, people are spending a greater amount of time online – both to work and on social media for entertainment. It’s, therefore, a good time to be sharing useful content and starting conversations to improve the visibility of your practice.

Current times aside, it’s important to have a website and social media profiles to meet and engage patients in the space they frequent. Thanks to smartphones, the internet is always in our back pocket. Patients reach for it to research providers when they need an allied health service. If your business doesn’t show up in search results, then someone else’s will.

2. Use Allied Health Software To Manage Your Case Load

Allied Health Software To Manage Caseload

Using Allied Health Software or an online injury management system will improve your practice management by leaps and bounds. A specialized cloud-based system is designed with your case management needs in mind, helping you to work smarter.

Because it’s cloud-based, your patients’ data is fully secured and accessible from any web-connected device. Secondly, your authorized team can access files where needed, either to view patient files for complementary treatment, or on the administrative side for billing or scheduling purposes.

Furthermore, software integrations will give you a direct connection to accounting programs, government NDIS portal, as well as Medicare and Workcover. This streamlines compliancy and case claims, helping both your practice and your patients to submit timeous claims.

A system is not expensive, you don’t have to take out a long-term contract, and it will save you hours in administrative work. If you would like to know more about iinsight, our case management software, contact us for demo.

3. Have A Marketing Plan

Devise Marketing Plan

With a case management system to streamline the administrative workload, you will have time to see more patients. Complementary health practitioners in your network provide a source of patient referrals that you can access, but you should also look at other avenues of marketing your practice.

Taking a random approach to marketing may leave you guessing as to its effectiveness. For example, which channels are most successful in connecting you with patients and which should you spend less time on. Ideally, you want to devise a marketing plan which gives you guidance and something measurable to work from.

4. Open Up Channels Of Communication

Multi Channel Communication

Technology has changed the way we communicate. You can take bookings from Facebook, or provide advice on Whatsapp. Send bills over email and allow patients to schedule appointments from your website at any time of day.

People have preferences when it comes to channels of communication. Opening up your practice to be accessible through these will ensure that you can connect with them. Limiting communication to phone calls during office hours means you might inadvertently exclude someone who needs your help.

Final Thoughts

A thriving health business is streamlined through carefully planned practice management. With the help of your administrative team and technology to reduce background noise, you can focus on marketing your business to bring more patients in the door and provide the excellent health care that you are renowned for.

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